I've come a long way since PAX South. I'm almost ashamed of the state the game was in then. I had the ability to show an extremely early build to one of the dudes I most highly respect in the gaming industry, Garnett Lee.  That's me sitting with him (picture in the header) at the lobby of the convention center going over some deets. I learned a lot from that meeting and immediately went back to my hotel room to put more work into it. Same thing happened at GDC this year. Spent most of my time in my hotel room or the Moscone Center lobby working. Still had a solid goal in mind only this time it was to meet with Indie-Fund peeps. Then, even then, after all of the work I put in since PAX, I still feel like every other build is just ass tons ahead of anything I end up showing to anybody. Why? That's progress and you'll never know how much you've accomplished if you never learn from your mistakes. I sit here tired as fuck, attempting to finish the "tutorial" to "can't wait till Sony approves my game so I can start talking about it more openly" for IndieCade 2015 and with a microscopic ounce of hope E3. Most importantly I need to get this new build in the hands of Indie-Fund and see if this has all been worth their time. It sure as hell has been worth mine, and it will undoubtedly continue to be until I can hit "Buy now" on PSN.