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"Let March Divide February"

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An Emotional Evening with a Beautiful Mourning

In the episode we have a fireside chat with the boys in A Beautiful Mourning. With a name like that you'd think their grandma died and shit but nah bro we cool These dudes are legit They have a show scheduled for October 17th at King's X here in El Paso, TX.

EP 5: Kilo and The Dew

Interviewing Daniel Rivera from local El Paso Indie Pop band Kilo and The Dew.

EP 4: Bitch Face, No Seriously

With the recent passing of a local friend, musician and all around unequivocally loving guy Eric Salas, we spend the first couple of minutes waxing nostalgic about the moments we shared with the guy; either directly or indirectly. The El Paso Artist Guild was started because of the love for this guy and the love he gave back.

EP 3: Thug @ Bowie Feathers

This was a last minute remote session we did at Bowie Feathers in El Paso, TX. Martin of invited us to come out and do the show live during their Thursday jam sessions. Every Thursday, at least that's the plan, they have musicians from EP just show up and improv with each other.

EP 2: Howard Roarke CD Release PreShow (Part 1 of 2)

Interviewing Ed Guillen from Lightning at the Opera and special guest Mike Hernandez from The Royalty.  Two great local indie bands from El Paso, Texas.

Howard Roarke: You Can't Destroy The World Without a Soundtrack: Part One - Orchestrate now available on

iTunes and Amazon or direct from the Storefront

Ep 2: Howard Roarke CD Release Preshow (part 2 of 2)

Part Two of that last mess.