GDC 2015 marks the first time I've shown the game to anyone outside of my account manager at Sony and extremely close friends. Friends that I will be forever grateful for. Last year at GDC I was bright eyed and bushy tailed. Attending a conference for an industry I had no background in. Sure I’d played about 90% of the creations these individuals had made but as I’ve stated before, playing games does not automatically make you a game designer. I still have no clue how I’m able to put all of these things together nor do I have any reference, aside from my own personal taste and subjective biased opinion,  as to whether this is will be a good game or not. All I did was drop out of a boring and uneventful game design course at an extremely expensive university and pick up the tools required as a means to an end. Tools that I had only ever spent about an hour’s time with previously. I started by messing around with GameMaker Studio, hell I even went all in and purchased the full professional license. After a while of experimentation there, I decided to move towards Unity since that was the game engine almost every console supported.  I booted up Unity and nearly shat my pants at the interface. “What in the actual fuck am I doing? “ I said, “You’re learning this bullshit and making a game even if you die trying” my other asshole said. There are still an enormous amount of things to do and learn.

I didn’t attend many panels this year since I spent most of my time in my hotel room or in the West hall lobby working and polishing up the game. I had an immeasurable amount of valuable feedback from my buddies Zach, Beck, and Todd. It was all put to good use.

As for GDC this year, VR was all the rage and while I still say that I don’t think VR is the future, I do strongly believe there is a future in VR. With Valve stepping into the ring with Vive, competition is getting fierce and competition is always a good thing in the tech world. John Carmack and boys at Oculus have some serious work to do if what I heard about Vive is to be believed, but John Carmack is John Carmack so there’s definitely that. I’m just glad Unity is finally adding a built in extension for Oculus in Unity 5 which means once I get situated with that maybe I’ll start experimenting with adding Oculus support to my game. Nothing too fancy of course seeing as I’m an idiot but just for the sake of good ol' nonsense. So that’s that.

In the meantime I just submitted my budget to Indie Fund. My main reason for attending GDC this year was to show the game directly to the people responsible and see if they thought it was even worth their time.  They asked me to submit a budget and a couple of other small requirements. The deed is done and now all I can do is continue working while I await a response. The outcome will not affect my progress only the rate of progression. Next up is finishing up a tutorial in preparation for IndieCade and Fantastic Arcade submissions.

UPDATE: Oh yeah I almost forgot, I also met Phil Fish, the creator of fucking FEZ, at the airport on our way back home. I shook his hand and mentioned that he and Jonathan Blow are a huge fucking reason why I do this and in typical Phil Fish fashion he replies with "Sorry about that." Haha fucking epic man. In case you don't know, Phil Fish has a notrious reputation for being extremely "emo", that's my choice of word by the way, but watch Indie Game: The Movie if you're interested in knowing why. I still love the guy and highly repect him but as our conversation continued I mentioned that I'm a musician primarily and can relate to which he replied "at least you can fall back on that" ha!  Cute huh?