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2015/03/27 ; "Brett will you teach me how to Bloodborne?"

Game designer Brett Cutler (Galak-Z / Skulls of the Shogun) joins me to discuss some Bloodborne. Man do we discuss some Bloodborne.

2015/03/20 : Ask An Enemy Playcast

Kel and I play through some Hotline Miami 1 and 2, The Swapper, and Velocity 2X on PS4. Also, in video game news PS3 fightsticks will work on PS4 with Mortal Kombat X!!!!!! Wooooooooo!!!

It's a Hardline to push a non-DICE Battlefield game

It's a Battlefield game all right and one that even Visceral couldn't save. I appreciate what's going on here but you know what I expect from my Battlefield, a fucking Battlefield, and fortunately if that's what you're looking for minus some of chaos of Battlefield proper multiplayer definitely delivers. This time there is truly some meaning to come dabble in the campaign but stay for the multiplayer.

Interviews Edition: Special Guests Todd Little, Zach Aikman, and Beck Sebenius 

This episode was originally planned as an audio episode as usual, but you all know my last minute ass always changing plans but I'll chalk it up to 2014 and technology.  These are some legit dudes doing things legit dudes do.  Discussing some Destiny, Desert Golfing, Galak-Z, Guns Up!, SIX (Seattle Indie eXpo), Oculus, and a bunch of other bullshit.  Got time?  We'll help you kill it....good.

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The Ballad of Hector G and PS4 Shareplay:

We attempt to play some Advanced Warfare using Sony's SharePlay on PSN but Activision doesn't support it so Fuck 'em. Instead we try some TowerFall and Sportfriends. Know what? It works flawlessly!!!

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Part 1

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Part 2

The Brilliance of Hideo Kojima's Playable Teaser

This is a section of the Ask An Enemy Playcast 24 Hour Extra-Life Livestream where we played "Kojima Productions" Silent Hills Teaser called PT, short for Playable Teaser. This game is available right now on PSN. Go get it and try it out for yourselves.