It's been quite a while since I've written something up. I've just been balls to the walls on this thing for a good solid 6 months.  Devkits in hand and plenty, I mean plenty, of lessons learned. Just this past weekend I spent a ton of time trying to get the game ready for the MIX deadline and little did I know the submission form was requesting a trailer. A TRAILER?!?! With a deadline of Monday I went ahead and spent the last couple of hours Sunday night trying to cook one up and ultimately decided the visuals weren't up to were I was comfortable enough cutting some footage with. I had to make a decision and decided to submit anyway since the trailer part of the submission form was not a required field of entry for the application to submit. So I crossed my fingers, paid my fees, and got back to work on what mattered, the game. 

The following day I was contacted by a member of MIX (he will remain nameless since I don't have their permission) requesting some raw footage and screenshots. I gladly obliged and now it's a sit and wait while I push endlessly for a coherent GDC build. I won't say things have gone smoothly but I'll push everyday with a smile because I'm doing this entirely of my own will, because I want to and for no other reason. When I started I knew nothing of game design, I had no skills whatsoever in programming, and I have no official background in the gaming industry.  I decided to quit Full Sail University because they were not teaching me what I wanted to learn so I taught my self the tools and pushed myself to meet people that I could learn from. People I never, ever, thought I would have the opportunity to learn from let alone meet. 

I always recommend people document what they do so that you always have a reference point of when you started. It's helps with goal setting it helps with confidence and it always makes you appreciate the work you've put into something when you actually get to see your progress. I made the following video for my 2nd week at Full Sail University almost 2 and a half years ago! I'm glad to say that I making good on my words.

Now back to getting this game up and running. If you want to make games, pick up the tools to make them. If you need a chair to sit on you either buy one, or find the means to make one. No one is going to bring you one and you should not feel entitled to one simply because you exist.