I recently picked up two new pedals from Electro Harmonix, the newly revised HOG2 and the newly released successor to the 2880, the 45000. I'll go into details of the two in a future episode of AAE TV but for now I honestly just wanted to mention how insanely awesome the two pedals are.

The 45000 is a multitrack looper that allows you to not only make loops but create individual tracks for each loop with each one having independent volume giving you extreme control when attempting to create some cacophonous soundscapes. It will probably be awhile before you really hear this pedal implemented into any future Roarke jams though; sound for the sake of sound is tumultuous and borderline pretentious - I got bronchitis y'all. In the meantime I plan on using it to trigger some samples that my SP505 can't fit onto it's memory card foot print. Once I receive the foot controller though all hell will break loose in your caboose, ladies; I've been told by Sweetwater Music that it's on back order until later this month - also, this.

Then comes the HOG2 a revision to the original HOG released back in 2010. I owned the original HOG for awhile and I can honestly say the differences, while major, are still very subtle. The HOG2 adds a master volume slider replacing the original input gain slider which makes a shit ton more sense. It's now easier to go from a wet to dry signal or vice versa without it becoming so apparent. The foot controller adds the ability to store 100 presets up from 6 with the HOG and tracking is still impeccable. The expression pedal is a completely different beast. With the HOG EHX shipped a piece of shit M-Audio expression pedal that was not only ridiculous it was stupid; here's a $500 piece of equipment shipping with a sub $20 expression pedal. It seems EHX learned their lesson with the HOG2 but only in a superficial way. They shipped it to me with their new "futuristic" line of expression pedals that you kinda have to see to believe such nonsense. I'll admit it's aesthetically pleasing but not in any way practical. I'll reserve some judgment until I fully get to break it in. Until then, on AAE TV you'll hear me refer to it as "look at this piece of shit, it's awesome."