Lighting at the Opera, Panic at the Disco. It's a joke I've practically Pet Semetaried the shit out of, but fortunately for the band it's only an inside joke and reflects nothing on their talent. Lightning at the Opera is my pal Ed's new musical endeavor. I haven't had a chance to see them live yet but if their single "Kleem" is anything to go by, I'd say my qualms were more an insult of my judgement than anything else. It's short, poppy, to the point and doesn't dwell in itself longer than it needs to; a thought, in and of itself, is only as powerful as the visual it represents, dwell to long and your voice is lost and ostentatious.

We are honored and excited to open for them this Friday at The Network (317 E Mills) for their EP release party. Why not CD release party? Man, ain't no one buying CDs anymore it's fucking 2013 mothafuckas, shit be digital. I wouldn't be surprised to see some T1000s in the crowd handing out download codes for the album. The show starts at 11pm. You might think that's crazy but we think that cuuuurraaaaayyyuseeee!!!!!!!!

As for us we won't have shit for you guys but a rocking sweet time. Our EP is still on hold while I finish up the vocal tracks, but we will have shirts and stickers within the next month fo sho! Till Friday, suck on dat!