I can't even begin to describe how I feel after this, for lack of a better word, accomplishment. 3 years and the cd is done, printed and out in the wild. Now it's on to "Part Two - Demonstrate"; in due time of course. I was bed ridden for most of yesterday due to succumbing to something fierce after the show. Must've been the weather, must've been a stomach bug, or it must've been love but yeah, something fierce. Now that I'm back in full gear, slightly sore, but nevertheless full gear, I'm now able to post videos of the CD release. Hope you enjoy them.

I had a blast and judging from everybody's reaction, and the bands, they all did as well. I thought it was a great mix of performances and a main reason why I chose the bands the way I did. I saw some familiar faces and definitely some new ones. I started off the night super bricks shittin since load in was at 7pm and doors opened at 8; which gave my super simplified ass of a one man band technically one minute to setup, backline, and soundcheck. I honestly thought I was gonna give Gabe, owner and sound engineer at Tricky Falls, a heart attack but he calmed me down and told me to take my time and that everything would be cool; yeah there's a reason this guy's a fucking professional. Things were easier back in the Lipstick Device days when all I had was my trusty Tascam digital 8 track and its one fuckin output along with my four or five pawnshop pedals; I was also in my early 20's and could give half a fuck. As you get older you have a different outlook on things, you start to give half of that half fuck but it happens naturally. You don't change, it's just natural progression, of an art, of something you give a full fuck about. I'm honored to have been able to play the stage that bands like Green Day, Glasjaw, Sparta, and At The Drive-In have all embraced.

Lightning at the Opera, Never Too Late, and The Human Condition - an immense amount of thanks.

In terms of performances next up is El Paso Comic Con in September, but for now it's back to game design, new material, and the Ask An Enemy TV livestream.

To keep everything organized I created a YouTube Channel specifically for Howard Roarke and knowing the way I am I can never sit still with any creative thought so I'll be working on new videos from time to time so keep your eyes on Youtube.com/HowardRoarke and if you feel so inclined go ahead and subscribe. Peace for now.