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PAX South 2019 - Achievement Unlocked : #dedication

Holy shit. Where do I even start with this. So back during PAX South 2018 I met this solid dude who goes by the hand Roto Mola. So solid I featured him in the E.V.A is watching video I uploaded to YouTube. Long story short Roto likes to wreck some shit with math. Back in 2018 LTHummus from the Discord earned an achievement in his name for breaking the leaderboards which at the time was still using an Int32. The max score you could get back then was exactly 2,147,483,647. What happens when you go over that is a story for another time, but all I’ll say is it’s fucking awesome.

Roto, not one to face down a challenge, decided he wanted to hit that score exactly. He didn’t want to go over, or under but hit it exactly. What you need to understand is that it’s NOT THAT EASY. Roto spent days doing the math of what Assault Score and Material he needed to get so that he could reach that score and he did it. God damn he did it. Achievement Unlocked - Roto Mola done wreck shit with math.

Fast forward to 2019. Roto shows up, knowing the leaderboards were “fixed” he now set out, on the show floor mind you, to reach the unsigned max Int 32 which was 4,294,967,295. Give or take a point. He explained it to me but math. Anyway, much love and respect for this dude who I just cannot say enough nice things about for spending this much of his time on this game.

Roto, sincerely man, thank you. Double the achievement. Double the fun. Your name will live in ADHD eternity, or until the Terminators wipe us all out.

<3 Jaycee



The bleeding edge branch and the 0.9.5 update

UPDATE: The Tear 3 "empty" EVAControlType bug should be fixed. It seems DeathSentence was the culprit. You should now only be able to find other bugs ;)

The 0.9.5 update is now live on “thequarry” branch. As soon as I get some solid testing on it. It’ll go live on the default branch. For all of you that want to give it a whirl stop by the discord for the password to the branch. I wanted to wipe the leaderboards entirely for a clean slate but I’ll wait to see how everything holds up as is and decide whether to wipe the leaderboards once the update is live on the Main branch.

What’s new in 0.9.5?


  • Leaderboards now show up in the TitleScreen and GameOver Screen all Pro like #esports

  • Leadboards now support int64 which means you now have the ability to earn a score exponentially higher than 2 billion points. Believe it or not it’s very, very possible. #extractOrGTFO

  • Title Screen is more pimp with fancy animations that should make the ladies cream. Still not finished though, remember, early access and all.

  • You can now toggle leaderboards by Tear using the bumpers, using the triggers toggles pages,

  • Coming in the next update toggling Leaderboards by Global Competition, Friendly Competition, and Your current position (Class)

  • All new EVAControlTypes in Tear 3: Trump Shake Up, Sank UR Weary State, Phantom Pain, Time Crisis, Crooked Hillarity, Bloody Sunday

Known Issues:

  • After successful extraction you will need to choose the next Tear. It will not auto increment at the moment. I will fix this in the next update.

  • You are bound to find something I may have missed. If you do and want to report it stop by the Discord.

    If you want to access "thequarry" branch in your Steam Library, right click on the game name, choose properties, click on the beta tab and use the password: arcadeIsNotDead



Visce-REAL yo!


Not visceral, visceREAL, you know since it's on the screen and shit. Fo Real. Game development is just a series of update this, update that, this breaks, so downgrade that, all made better when a simple image appears on screen letting you know, that yeah, its about that time.



NDA means Not Dicking Around


I'm just fucking with ya! It actually means Non-Disclosure Agreement. Basically it means you can't discuss the details of anything you and the company you are under NDA with agreed upon. It's legally binding stuff man, and it's serious. So anyway because of that I can't discuss the project or projects I'm working on only the platform I'm aiming for and be as vague as possible. So yeah a PS4 and Vita project is in the works but I thought I'd stop by and throw out a couple of things that just came to mind. I recently wrote a quick 400+ word review on Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons which I will be posting up here soon. I recommend you give it a shot, along with the other games we played not too long ago on the AAE Playcast. I'll still be doing the PlayCast since it's easier to do a livestream than producing a 10-15 minute video that took 6 hours to compile, edit and post; time constraints y'all.

I'll leave you with this thought I had about game development. I've heard a lot of conversations lately about people who play video games that then want to enter the field and develop games themselves; it takes a lot of hard work, time, and most of all patience. The paperwork to start your own company alone is enough to drive someone insane. The agreements, paperwork, and all the legal crap is intimidating and overwhelming and that's the side most people don't see. Side note: If I could, I would hire someone in an instant to handle all that crap though, ugh. For anybody who wants to become a game developer ask yourself this question: Do you want to make games because you like playing them, or do you want to make games because you want to create something; something that tests your abilities, something that pushes any talent or skill you think you have to it's limits. Game development can break you, but to get your code up and running the first time and see it breathe life into your screen is enough to make up for it.

The question should not be where do I start. Are you an artist, can you program, can you bring people together in a way that all of these talents are not imposing on the other but working as one? Your vision must be declared from the start. An idea is not enough, everyone has ideas, you have to execute on that idea. It’s that singular vision that coalesces those ideas, those talents into one cohesive product; something tangible. The institution is not required, but education is imperative. Game Design requires a philosophical approach, no one way is right or wrong, it's all a series of failures and lessons. Game development on the other hand is a science; it's mathematical equations that result in true or false statements. Where do you fit in? The tools are vast and productive but are only a means to an end; the end can only be reached through conception of a proper and realistic target. Play to your strengths, while acknowledging your weaknesses.