Holy shit. Where do I even start with this. So back during PAX South 2018 I met this solid dude who goes by the hand Roto Mola. So solid I featured him in the E.V.A is watching video I uploaded to YouTube. Long story short Roto likes to wreck some shit with math. Back in 2018 LTHummus from the Discord earned an achievement in his name for breaking the leaderboards which at the time was still using an Int32. The max score you could get back then was exactly 2,147,483,647. What happens when you go over that is a story for another time, but all I’ll say is it’s fucking awesome.

Roto, not one to face down a challenge, decided he wanted to hit that score exactly. He didn’t want to go over, or under but hit it exactly. What you need to understand is that it’s NOT THAT EASY. Roto spent days doing the math of what Assault Score and Material he needed to get so that he could reach that score and he did it. God damn he did it. Achievement Unlocked - Roto Mola done wreck shit with math.

Fast forward to 2019. Roto shows up, knowing the leaderboards were “fixed” he now set out, on the show floor mind you, to reach the unsigned max Int 32 which was 4,294,967,295. Give or take a point. He explained it to me but math. Anyway, much love and respect for this dude who I just cannot say enough nice things about for spending this much of his time on this game.

Roto, sincerely man, thank you. Double the achievement. Double the fun. Your name will live in ADHD eternity, or until the Terminators wipe us all out.

<3 Jaycee