UPDATE: The Tear 3 "empty" EVAControlType bug should be fixed. It seems DeathSentence was the culprit. You should now only be able to find other bugs ;)

The 0.9.5 update is now live on “thequarry” branch. As soon as I get some solid testing on it. It’ll go live on the default branch. For all of you that want to give it a whirl stop by the discord for the password to the branch. I wanted to wipe the leaderboards entirely for a clean slate but I’ll wait to see how everything holds up as is and decide whether to wipe the leaderboards once the update is live on the Main branch.

What’s new in 0.9.5?


  • Leaderboards now show up in the TitleScreen and GameOver Screen all Pro like #esports

  • Leadboards now support int64 which means you now have the ability to earn a score exponentially higher than 2 billion points. Believe it or not it’s very, very possible. #extractOrGTFO

  • Title Screen is more pimp with fancy animations that should make the ladies cream. Still not finished though, remember, early access and all.

  • You can now toggle leaderboards by Tear using the bumpers, using the triggers toggles pages,

  • Coming in the next update toggling Leaderboards by Global Competition, Friendly Competition, and Your current position (Class)

  • All new EVAControlTypes in Tear 3: Trump Shake Up, Sank UR Weary State, Phantom Pain, Time Crisis, Crooked Hillarity, Bloody Sunday

Known Issues:

  • After successful extraction you will need to choose the next Tear. It will not auto increment at the moment. I will fix this in the next update.

  • You are bound to find something I may have missed. If you do and want to report it stop by the Discord.

    If you want to access "thequarry" branch in your Steam Library, right click on the game name, choose properties, click on the beta tab and use the password: arcadeIsNotDead