Holy shit this update seems like it's taken me forever to put out, but hey it's on the "thequarry" for peeps to test and break, and believe me things will break. As usual it'll be live for everyone else really soon. If you want to join the edge of bleeding edge the password is : arcadeIsNotDead

Here's the summary

- On Mission Failed you will now get a replay of how you failed. This is still a WIP and is glitchy as all hell, but should give you a pretty good idea of what to expect
#knownIssues - sometimes the previous replay will not be cleared and sometimes causes the game to crash. Dying by Rushin' Firewall is still not working properly

- to help with replays I had to resort to drastic measures meaning I moved from using object pooling on some objects like Trackers, and Fireballs on the RecoverySide. What this means is you may experience some light to massive hitching, more so when chaos is activated. If you do, and it becomes a problem please let me know in the discord and I'll immediately start working on fixing it or finding a way to resort back to object pooling.

Get ready for shit to break.