I've been hard at work on getting the new UI layout and Leaderobard system up and running. Transitioned over to Gamesparks since it offers a hella rad feature set. One of those being Daily leaderboards. A score based game isn't complete without a Daily Leaderboard ;) In addition, Gamesparks theoretically makes it "easier" to implement console leaderboards which, in these final moments of production, is going to prove absolutely crucial. Currently they will be setup as one Leaderboard for all platforms. For obvious reasons though I can't show what platform each score was earned on, at least not yet, that may or may not change. 



Since leaderboards are a huge part of the game I've made them front and center on the title screen with a spiffy animation that shows all three Tears and simply toggles between them every 10 seconds. The title screen highlights the number one spot in each Tear. To see the full leaderboard go to Epilogue as usual.

In addition to the leaderboard I've also been working on a cleaner UI layout so I moved all your Status elements to the center with another spiffy animation. I wish I could use GIFs but Steam. So in the meantime you get these static jpegs.


As always the branch that will get the update first is thequarry so if you want bleeding edge you get bleeding edge. I want to push it out sooner rather than later so also expect it to be a bit broken at first and thank my buddy Vortex on Discord since he's doing a ton of the heavy lifting ;)

<3 Jaycee

P.S. See you at PAX South 2019!!!