20121230-143757.jpg It's official. November 27th we go in to Clap of Thunder for an alpha mix of the new album before we make it final. It'll be a year and 23 days since I went in there alone as The Lipstick Device to lay down the drum tracks. In that time frame I was lucky enough to have my boy Manny "it's Matt guey!" Maldonado climb aboard the S.S. Salinas and work tooth and nail to get this album done. This isn't a project, this isn't a band, this is life. We are Howard Roarke. The e is intentional and while it is silent, interestingly it's quite possibly the loudest part of the whole package; that's a conversation for another day.

You follow in the footsteps, you learn, you fail, and you learn again. In the end you come to you're own conclusions and you wind up alone, and separated from a world you still interact with, but you're motives and distractions are you're own and they become unique.

You wander outside, you take a deep breath, and you casually hit play. You can't destroy the world without a soundtrack.