So my buddy Hector G has been working on a date for this show for quite awhile and he's finally nailed it down. January 23rd Howard Roarke will be joining the "EP Solo Army" a term that was coined by fellow Ask An Enemy podcast co-host Barry Peterson back in the day. I was playing a show as Lipstick, with The Reputation and a couple of other bands and while everyone else's descriptor was "ex-band that actually means something to peeps" mine was EP Solo Army. My reaction to that and the smile on my face are self explanatory. So yeah this show is about solo artists. Five individuals, orchestrating, demonstrating, and most importantly decimating. After last December's show at The Percolator, while surrounded by great peeps the show was riddled with technical difficulties, I need this. Also to the two chicks who made that show worth it, thank you, an undying amount. :)