UPDATE:  http://east.paxsite.com/indie

Ok folks, I’m gonna be spending the next couple of days, if not weeks, doing some optimization on Switch. So Steam updates may be a bit slower, than usual ;) I finally got a build running as it’s been awhile since I’ve been able to do that due to a Unity issue (currently on 2018.3.5f1, I started this thing in Unity 4.2!!!! AHAHAHA FUCK).

So when I started experimenting with VR I created two render textures, one for each side, and that created some other “issues” but ultimately helped in others ways as well. Game devin’ as I’m sure you know is always a give and take on certain things. Last night I started tweaking the rez on those render textures, as they were both rendering at 1920x1080. EACH. When I brought each one down to 1280x720 I got a boost from 28FPS to roughly 45-52FPS so there’s that. Also that’s while the Switch is docked. When it’s in portable mode it’s still at 28FPS. The reasons for this are plentiful I’m sure and it’s these types of things I wish I could have learned from a college education, but I didn’t so I learn the hard way. I ain’t even mad. Fuck ‘em!

There’s a ton of stuff I could have done carelessly under the hood like oversizing textures, not compressing audio, foolishly using coroutines. A whole bevy of stuff. Obviously any optimizations I do on Switch will undoubtedly benefit PC, as I’ve already seen just based on the render texture stuff.

In addition to this though I’ll also be finishing up the leaderboards and such with my boy Vortex (and hopefully I can finally call on my boy Blaze’s skills as well <3.

This thing is getting closer and closer and closer to being done. You don’t even know the feeling I have right now, but as I’ve said before I FUCKING LOVE YOU GUYS!!! It’s been rad and I’ll see you at either SXSW 2019, GDC 2019, or PAX East 2019!!!


<3 Jaycee