UPDATE: the 0.9.7 update should now be available to all ;) Enjoy!!

Just some quick patch notes on the latest build that has been pushed to thequarry branch. Again if you'd like to access thequarry stop by the Discord and get the password, otherwise it should be live on the main branch fairly soon.



  • AudioCallouts for EVAControlTypes on Tear 3 | still need some cleaning up / sound engineering
  • AudioCallouts for Weapons/Defenses | still need some cleaning up / sound engineering
  • Discord logo to TitleScreen because PIMP - TEMP Text to TitleScreen : Welcome to PAX East 2018 Mothafuckas!!


  • Multiplier is no longer capped at 10 #rock #esports
  • All Weapons are now available from the outset of Tear 3 | Weapons, not Defenses :D
  • Missile name because why not


  • Damage Screen now uses a new full screen Image so damage flash looks radder, espeically while in PIP
  • Blurryness for you 1440p and above folk, although temporary while I transition over to the Post-Processing Stack v2
  • too many small miscellaneous things under the hood, for example started the transition over to TextMesh Pro :D