They are a changin'. RTX 2016 is in the books. For pics of the event visit As usual the event was awesome, the people I met were hella rad, and the amount of data I acquired was invaluable. From my boy, Milan Harris who was dropping some mad feedback and tips on shaders and tech I could incorporate into ADHD, to my boy Cecil bringing that OG knowledge from PAX South to help obliterate the competition; these people have some dedication and as always I'm a grateful beyond fucking thunderdome. Before the show floor opened on day 3 I set a score of 173 million. I decided why not make that a "score to beat" in addition to the usual "keep the high score get a free shirt" thing. So low and behold Joshua Lee as you see in the image below actually dedicated himself to beating it and now he'll receive a free copy of the game once it's available. It's only fair and it's extremely humbling that he spent so much of his time to doing it. Thanks Joshua. You are legit as legit can be.


So what's next? Well, I spent the first half of the year brute-forcing myself into the industry by getting booth space at PAX South, PAX East, and ofcourse RTX but PAX West was entirely out of reach. I was informed there was no more "exhibitor" space available. So I was left to event submissions as usual. I'm happy to report that while I wasn't selected for PAX West proper (at least not for showing ADHD anyway) I was selected for SIX (Seattle Indies Expo) which is fucking amazing!!!! Third times a charm so they say. What they don't mention is all the work you put into that third time :) Also my panel submission for PAX West was accepted!!!! My dumbass is going to have a panel where I talk about how you should make a game not excuses!! Fucking rock and roll.

Now for the details of said panel

This is super exciting for a multitude of reasons. First and foremost is that I will be hosting this panel with my buddy Zach Aikman, lead engineer at 17-Bit. Yup the guys who brought you fucking Galak-Z. The title of the panel is "Make Games Not Excuses: An open discussion." The purpose of the talk is to discuss the pros and cons of going to college for game development. Between Zach and I you better believe we've got some opinions. See Zach graduated from the highly coveted DigiPen Institute of Technology. While he was there he learned a lesson that would crush most people and bring them down to there knees. What did Zach do about it? You'll have to watch or attend the panel to find out. How do you watch? More details on that soon ;) My side of the story? Well most of you reading might already know my dumbass dropped out of college twice so I'll just be expanding on that kind of stuff. Guys, making a video game is not easy. It's not something you can just jump into and knock it out. Unless you are fucking Galvanic Games. Those mother fuckers made Gurgamoth in about 6 months. FUCK YEAH!

But I digress, so again the times they are a changing and they are nothing if not crazy awesome times. I was also pre-selected for a Pre PAX Microsoft Event which they then later decided to pass on :( Man what an opportunity that would have been, but hey as usual pick your head up, look forward, and learn from the past. Oh and TwitchCon. I'll be at TwitchCon this year in San Diego from September 30th through October 2nd. This one will be fucking massive. A huge part of this game is Twitch integration so you better believe I've got my work cut out for me. More on that one later as well. PEACE. OUT.