I'm constantly saying to learn from your mistakes. I've spent all day trying to figure out why Unity is crashing. I have no fucking clue. Not one inkling as to how to fix this issue. I've wasted my whole fucking day not knowing what I'm doing or how to fix this. A whole fucking day just gone. I could have spent it laughing with my girlfriend watching a movie, hanging with friends having a beer on the balcony talking shit about the Kardashians. No. I spent it doing everything I could that amounted to absolutely fucking nothing. Now tomorrow is another day. More than likely I'll also be spending it doing the same thing, being fucking pissed and disappointed that I'm not a proper game developer. I'm just a sorry ass excuse of a human being who spends every fucking waking hour of the day trying to solve problems without any ounce of expertise in the field. Worthless.

I've always said it's not glorious but today was a day where it really hit me. RTX is next week. I need to get some shit done and I've accomplished nothing in the last 24 hours. NOTHING. FUCK. As of now. Still. Nothing. FUUUUUUUUUUUCK.