As usual the people I met at this years PAX East were a handful of surprises. Aside from my girlfriend losing her tooth almost immediately upon showing up in Boston everything went amazingly well. All she did was bite into a dinner roll by the way. It's cool she's laughing about it also. Now that we're back home though it's time to deal with that. It's a sad thing to think that in order to take care of it in a cost effective manner we have to consider going to another country because healthcare costs here in the states are FUCKING RIDICULOUS. Yes even with insurance, but I digress. I'll keep this shorter than usual since I still have to get back to working on the game.

This year I was lucky enough to be part of the Indie.XSplit stage again so I showed an updated version of the game from the version at South. Key differences were the bonuses you receive while recovering and also an early preview of Community Boss Mode. CBM, for short, is what I'm planning to do with Twitch integration on consoles and hopefully PC. I've always liked the idea of giving the viewer another reason to watch you play a game other than just to "check out" the game.

Matt Whittaker of took the time to actually book an appointment with me to see the game at East. I couldn't have asked for a better outcome to this meeting. My sincere thanks go out to Matt. You can read his article here. As I mentioned on Twitter the smile on my face nearly ripped my head in half.

In addition I met some folks who are running their own podcasts. From Disconnected Gamers to Vahoma Podcast. Some solid folks man. Andrew over at Disconnected Gamers also wrote up his own article on ADHD. Seriously guys thanks. This kind of stuff takes time and I'm grateful whenever anyone takes the time to mention the game to others, let alone write about it.  If you guys (Vahoma or DG Cast) happen to read this keep it up, interview everyone you can that you find interesting, keep recording from your hotel room day and date :) and most importantly Vahoma, don't censor yourself. There's no reason for it. Either say fuck or don't. Bleeping yourself out means the man has won ;)

So now that I'm back home I've made even more changes to the game. One simple change that made a massive difference was a change in font. Holy crap did that ever clean up the visuals. I'll post up some new screenshots as soon as I can. I'm working on getting a new build ready for RTX in Austin July 1st-3rd. Also E3 has opened up two new opportunities that I'm crossing my fingers on so tightly that they may just fall off. I'll find out in the next week or so about those and I'll post something regardless of good or bad news.