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Metal Gear Solid....Touch

First Kojima Productions hinted at "A Next Metal Gear" with this tease in Engrish, then Kojima himself said at the Spike VGAs we would find out in the next couple of weeks what they were alluding to.  Message Boards lit up and Xbots  would not let the rumor die.  Is MGS4 finally coming to Xbox 360?  Can you honestly blame them.  Not only was the symbol green but it truly did match the center of the Xbox 360's power button.  Then again so does this.  

Low and behold, Konami and Company have come clean.  Not only was Metal Gear Solid Touch announced for the iPhone, but a couple of other key series were given the "touch" treatment.  Silent Hill: The Escape, Dance Dance Revolution and Frogger are all making the trip to Apple's iPhone.  I'm not sure if you've noticed, but I fancy myself some MGS.  Fortunately, for my paycheck at least,  I won't have to take time off of work this time around as I can easily play work.  



CES 2009

With the Consumer Electronics Show right around the corner, it's hard not to get excited about what awesome gadgety goodness await behind the pearly gates of Las Vegas come January. Wow, that was a mouthful.  Yup, that's what she said.  With the digital transition coming soon after in February, I'm sure HDTV's will be the forefront or I at the very least, I hope Sony finally unveils a larger than life OLED TV, or at least larger than the currently available 11 incher, although with it's hefty price tag, there's no chance in hell I'll be picking one up anytime soon.  OLEDs maybe the way HDTVs will be heading but it always takes one daring company to take that first dive step and hopefully others will follow, unless you are HD-DVD, then you are just SOL.  Apple is leading the charge with their proprietary Display Port on the new unibody Macs and only time will tell.  

The battle between plasma and LCD won't die anytime soon, not with such strong pros and cons justifying both equally.  Plasma will always suffer from screen burning, despite leaps in technology, it just comes with the territory of how plasmas work.  Likewise with LCD TVs, contrast ratio will never beat out plasmas.  OLEDs are where it's at, if you don't mind the shorter lifespan or power consumption.  Where LCDs and Plasmas are technically meant to last decades, OLEDs not so much.  Don't expect OLED TVs to be out anytime this coming year but at least keep an eye out for it.  

There's so much to be excited about, TVs aren't even the microscopic tip of the iceberg.  Like a random outbreak of "the herpes", be sure to expect more like this.



The NPD's are in, Here comes the monolith!

If there was ever any indication that Nintendo's Wii was not intended for you, the hardcore 103 inch plasma, 7.1 DTS Master HD surround sound theater system sporting gamer, November would prove to be it.  Two years after release, disappointing press event after disappointing press event, Nintendo proves it doesn't need some AAA third party developers cranking out releases for it's white little gem.  They don't need Gears of War 2, Metal Gear Solid 4, for fucks sake it doesn't even need a power supply.  Most people I know haven't turned on their Wii for ages.  However, Nintendo still managed to sell a mindblowing 2.04 million consoles in November alone.  In the month of October it managed a sell through of more than 800,000 units, and that's only counting the Wii.  DS sales were up at 1.5 million units.  I have nothing against the Wii but it's quite obvious that "two Game Cubes duct taped together" can be one hot commodity.

Even with a next-gen system well below the asking price of this "new-gen" system, it still manages to outsell both Sony and Microsoft's consoles almost 2 to 1, month in, month out.  Software sales are also...downright disturbing.  Wii Play has been in the top ten of software sales every single month and occasionally even outsells AAA next-gen releases.  I say disturbing because Nintendo surprisingly is allowing plenty of shovel ware to be developed for the console at an alarmingly high rate.  I sold my Wii right after Super Paper Mario was released, great game by the way,  and about 3 months or so before Metroid Prime hit the streets and I have yet to really find a reason to pick one up again.  Undeniably, I eventually will, but with next year looking amazingly awesome with releases like Killzone 2, Street Fighter 4, Resident Evil 5, and lots of others, I don't see it happening any time soon.

Here are the NPDs for the month of November.

Hardware Sales:

• Wii - 2,040,000
• Nintendo DS - 1,570,000
• Xbox 360 - 836,000
• PSP - 421,000
• PlayStation 3 - 378,000
• PlayStation 2 - 206,000

Software Sales

01. Gears of War 2 (Xbox 360) - 1.56 million
02. Call of Duty: World at War (Xbox 360) - 1.41 million
03. Wii Play (Wii) - 796,000
04. Wii Fit (Wii) - 697,000
05. Mario Kart Wii (Wii) - 637,000
06: Call of Duty: World at War (PS3) - 597,000
07. Guitar Hero World Tour (Wii) - 475,0000
08. Left 4 Dead (Xbox 360) - 410,000
09. Resistance 2 (PS3) - 385,000
10. Wii Music (Wii) - 297,000



Amazon app now up on the iPhone app Store

For someone who constantly shops online at, this app is a godsend.   For awhile Amazon has had it's website be iPhone friendly, but that's not enough, not with the kind of technology out in wild these days.  The app (click opens iTunes) lets you enter your account info, simply email and password, and brings you to your home screen which displays your wishlist.  The bottom row as you can see in this screenshot taken directly from my iPhone, thanks to it's handy built-in screen capture, I wish you could do this with the MAXIM dressing room but I guess, no I'm sure that's not a technology issue more a...well nevermind.  The bottom row gives you five separate tabs, the first three are obvious what they do, the remembers tab though is hella rad.  It lets you takes pictures of anything you see at a store, in your backyard, at friends house, well you get the idea, it then sends it to Amazon, where they then have live guinea pigs look it up for you and send you a link of how much it sells for on Amazon, if they carry it ofcourse.  So far I've only tested it on my MacBook to no avail.  It may have just been that the picture looked a bit too dark, regardless it saves the picture in the app and on so that you can, wait for check up on it later you know, in case you, wait for it..FORGET I always do.

I'm sure they've gotten their fair share of penises? penis's? penisai? Raphael?  Yeah, more than one.  You hear that Tony, so, oh wait that's right you have a G1 so BAM! 

This neat little app also lets you track your items without having to open Safari or any external applications.  Pretty damn slick.

So yeah if you're damn near kick ass, have an iPhone, and have an itchy shopping finger, you need this app  It costs less than a day of the Christian Children's Fund.  You can't swat flies with an iPhone, but you sure as hell can save a life.  Dial 911.

Remembers Tab



Ben Heckendorn and his flying geetawr, no seriously it's his Portable Xbox 360 Deuce point OH DAYAM!!

This guy never sleeps ceases to amaze me.  How the hell someone has the patience and most importantly skill and talent to the pull this off is beyond me.  Imagine for a moment having to route all the wiring, cut out all the patterns and let alone plan the damn thing.  Well it's a work of art is what it is.  I'm personally more fond of his 1.0 version which includes a full keyboard, but who am I to say anything, I'll never own one of these.  FUCK!



Xbox 360 Arcades will now come with 256MB of internal flash memory

I'm not really sure what to think of this but to be honest I don't think it really matters unless one day I decide, need or happen to pick up an Arcade version of the Xbox 360.  Aside from now having the long awaited Jasper chipsets, cross your fingers and kiss that RROD epidemic goodbye, the new Arcade units will also include 256 MB of internal flash memory.  No more need for external memory cards, that is unless you're one of them nomad gamers who's constantly over at a friends house and use you're memory card to take you're gamertag and saved games with you. I'm not sure if it's Microsoft plan to make people buy more memory units or if it really is a simply a good gesture on their part.  I personally have been wanting to pick up an external memory card simply to have as a back up of my game saves.  These days, game saves get corrupt quick and those 30 hours you spent roaming the nuclear wasteland can be wiped by the game itself due to simple bugs.  I just can't justify the price when I can get a more useful peripheral or even nourishment.  it's a hefty price to pay for peace of mind.  If you're gonna steal my Xbox 360 fine, just let me keep my hard drive.  So there you go.  Anyone picking up an Xbox 360 Arcade?  if you are, and want to make sure you get one of the new units, just look on the box and the power rating should be 150W instead of the usual 175W.  



Microsoft and the Mighty Banhammer!

With just about every new console being somewhat dependent on network connectivity for better or worse, I'd like to assume it's for the better, I can't see why people continue to hack their systems unless you are the one developing the hacks.  At least that way you are simply trying to prove something.  I learned my lesson back during the Halo 3 beta when Microsoft first began banning modded consoles from Xbox Live.  I figured I could go on without Xbox Live, playing with strangers wasn't that exciting at the time and most of them were douches anyway but then more and more of my buddies began getting online and more of games demanded my complete undivided online attention.  I just couldn't help it.  I loved being able to check on my friends status, see what new freshly opened disc they just popped in their drive, download videos and demos from the marketplace and most importantly being involved in betas.  Luckily they don't ban your account only your console.  So I quickly picked up a fresh new console and got back into griefing the griefers.  I was so close to modding my PS3 to play all of my old back up PSOne games but I'm glad I didn't, with my PS3 in need of repair, it may not have gone as smoothly as it did.

Well just in time for the holidays, according to the forums over at, Microsoft is dishing out the hurt again.  Not only was this right after Gears of War 2 released, it's also right before the new NXE dashboard update hits Xbox Live.  If my console were to be offline for that I don't know what I'd do.  You guys can't say we didn't warn you.  

I know there are all sorts of people out there with their own reasons for modding their consoles.  I personally love the feeling of picking up a fresh new copy of a game I've been waiting for and piercing the seal to get that new game smell.  I hated how it felt to rent games or play games I didn't pay for.  I lost that excitement of day one purchases, sure it helps saving $60, but when it's a game that deserves every penny it's asking for, suddenly those idiotic customer service calls you've been taking to help pay for it, don't seem so bad.



Logitech's $250 Axe Turns it up to 11

This is Logitech's definition of ROCK!!!  That's triple the exclamation for almost triple the price.  Stand alone Guitar Hero Controllers usually go for about $70, this thing will go for $250 come December.  It's crafted from real wood down to the rosewood fret board, metal frets, metal tuning pegs, and even a humbucker, which I'm assuming is just for show.  I hate to be that guy who says "well if you're gonna spend that much on a fake guitar why not just buy a real guitar and take some lessons" so I won't.  Not everyone has the skill and talent to play guitar and I think the same goes for playing Guitar Hero,  Dragon Force on Expert anyone.

Seriously, if you have enough time on your hands to master Dragon Force on expert, I don't think you have much time to do anything else in life.  I'd also hate to say I'd never pick up something like this, because truth be told, I kinda dig it.  I'd prefer it black ofcourse but that's just me.  If I were handed one of these from the day I was born, ahem, I'd have no objection to it, how could I?  You can't control the powers that be.  Regardless, enjoy the pics.

(pics courtesy of



Blindsided by Standard Def
 goes all hardcore on us and demonstrates what it's like to game in surround, 3 displays at the ready or 3840x1024 if you prefer, compared to 1280x1024.  Thats not necessarily standard def by any strecth of the imagination, but standard in the way that 4:3 is the ratio most standard def TVs display content in.  Standard def TVs can only display content in 480i, while some "enhanced" TVs can display progessive content giving credit to the P in 480p, which results in a resolution of 640x480 or 4:3.  That's why the same size 37 inch tv in standard def as opposed to a 37 inch high def widescreen tv gives you a clearer picture.  1280x720 or 16:9 is the more accurate way of displaying widescreen content and it's what the PS3 and Xbox 360 are capable of, however in the PC gaming world the ability to change out your video card on the fly is what keeps these snobby little geeks a cut above the rest.  With the ability of hooking up 3 displays to one rig you create a surrounding display which gives you a wider viewing area of the battlefield, well at least in Call of Duty 4's place, and lets you see stuff others can't helps alleviate, and if you're good enough eliminate the "where are they shooting me from" situations I'm sure you constantly find yourself in. 

It's sad that Sony at one point in the PS3's life cycle had plans, to the point of announcing the feature at E3, to incorporate dual displays from one machine.  They would have taken the industry by storm had they followed through with it.  Imagine splitscreen without the screen being split, but actually actually meaning two screens.  I guess they figured, who would have two 50 inch hi def screens at home fuck I'd a figured something out or maybe the it was too much for the PS3 to handle dual HD display.  The world may never know, but it would of been sick.

Regardless, go check out the video at of Call of Duty 4 in action and see what I mean.  Maybe you'll finally start putting some funds together and pick up that hi def TV you've been eyeing and justify it to your self by explaining how your rank would finally go up if you could only see who's shooting at you.  Right, that's what they always say, unless it's a beta, then all fingers point to

Player 1 "hey bro it must be cool to rely on glitches to...
Player 2  "frag out"*BOOM*
Player 1 "hey bro, what the fuck bro, fuck you bro!"
Player 2  "frag out"*BOOM*
Player 1  Connection Interrupted.  Host has ended the game.



The Nintendo DSi, only in Japanese

Here is what the Nintendo DSi is capable of compared to the old DS lite model.  I seriously doubt it will perform this flawlessly though but it is rather neat.  Internet browser built in, SD card playback capability, two built in cameras, and a larger LED screen sounds like a win for me.  Nintendo has already clarified that the Nintendo Wii Store will be completely separate from the DSi Store which the newly configured DSi will have access to, yet it's still rad that they have finally gotten on the wavelength most consumers in the states are already on.  With Sony finally giving the PSP direct access to the PSN Store with firmware 5.0,  Nintendo's got some real work ahead of them, or they could completely ignore them as they have been all this time and continue to sell in the gabillions.  Last month alone they sold 537,000 DS Lites and 687,000 Wiis, in Wiis alone that's 243,000 more in September than in August.  No wonder that, 2 years later, I still can't walk into a retail store and pick one up.  Jesus. 

The Nintendo DSi will be released in Japan on November 1st.  Don't expect it here till fall 2009.



The Nintendo Korg DS-10, Coming to a Reggie and the Full Effect Tribute Band Near You

Awhile back on the 1UP Show they demonstrated the power of the Korg DS-10 and I was floored with it's possiblities.  Now that I'm no longer part of a functional band Now that I can work on music the way I used to,  I may reconsider picking a copy of the DS-10 after all.  For those not in the know, the DS-10 is a fully functional Korg synth which can take the place of, basically any idiot who plays keys in your band.  You can create your own patches and patterns, however I'm not one to use this as a sole intrument for performance as electronic music is not my cup of tea, but throwing this into a compostion made up of plenty of other instruments would be hella rad.  Sure, Fruity Loops and Reason are by and large undeniably more fully robust sequencers, but this is compact and can stand alone as an instrument in your line up.  The reason I'm posting this now is due to recent news of who will be stocking this killer ap in the states.  See the DS-10 has been available in Japan for quite sometime but as with many other things Japanese, Nintendo region locks their systems, so asking my bro to find me a Japanese DS let alone a copy of the software would be a hassle and a HOFF half.  Luckily Korg and Nintendo found it would kick all sorts of ass if they brought it over seas, however the following are the only brick-and-mortars to carry it:

  • Hollywood/GameCrazy
  • Fry's
  • Micro Center
  • EB Canada (not in U.S. GameStops)
  • J&R
  • Best Buy (still not committed)

For those who don't like venturing out in the world without the company of their guild, currently has it listed for $3 cheaper than the B to the Ms and with free shipping FTW!  It's expected to release on Nov 4th, so if you have a DS and are looking to go all Crystal Method on us by all means hit this up, post your music on MySpace and tell Lylah, "the is new wave bitches."  Yep up and out.



The Verdict Is In, or At Least Engadget's Opinion of the T-Mobile G1 Is

If you haven't heard by now, T-Mobile's iPhone Killer Android powered G1 is about to be released, October 22nd to be exact and Engadget has "the definitive review."  Go check it out.  They go so in depth the review is split into two parts, the first is hardware and the second is software.  To be quite honest I expected a bit more aesthetically, with the iPhone and so many other phones tearing at each others neck to be the thinnest, smallest, most capable phone out there, this thing looks like it couldn't get enough at the buffet line.  It's a little too old school looking for my tastes, I'm a sucker for slick looking gadgets even if they lose some functionality in the process, like the new MacBooks without FireWire even though the new Sony Vaio's come with HDMI outputs AND Blu-Ray burners, what's up Steve-O, oh wait that's right, Blu-Ray is just a "bag of hurt"

Regardless with Google just today announcing the release of the Android SDK and Source to the public, it seems like the skies the limit for kickass apps and customizing the shit out of your phone, if you know you're way around them codin skills.  At the moment thought only Mac OS X and Linux systems are supported so all you chumps running Windows are SOL.  Anyone one picking this up?



It's About Time For an Upgrade

Blue screen after blue screen, year after year, headache after headache, hole in the wall from a fist of aggravation after hole in the wall from a wireless mouse that just so happens to ricochet and shatter a glass window, I think it's time for a change.  I've always been hesitant to try a Mac since most of my life I've been recording and editing video on PC.  I've always been under the impression that Macs are the more reliable platform for this type of work and for once I think I'm willing to go all out. 

I've always wanted portability, but portability usually comes with a knife to remind you that you've not only lost your balls but you've also lost you're ability to upgrade or change anything in your setup.  You can't upgrade this without doin that.  So for a while a desktop PC was a better option for absolute customization.

Now come the "next-generation of MacBooks" and I'm all ears.  The specs are god damn ridiculous, in a good way.  They are just about a click above what I'm currently running on my current PC, however some added flash like a new glass multitouch pad, Nvidia Graphics (finally), as well as Aluminum encasing just like that of the MacBook Pros.  I can't think of a better time to pick one up, unless you have a time machine and can jump about 6 to 9 months into the future when Apple will undeniably announce a newer sleeker version, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there.  Simply comparing my Apple iPhone to the sluggish, fat, and sorry ass excuse for a phone, Windows Mobile powered HTC Mogul,  almost helps cement the idea that the Mac OS should be snappier and more up for a night out on the town.  For the time being I've got my eye on you Apple.  You may just take my hard earned washingtons from right underneath my nose and gasp! maybe even take priority over my HDTV.  Time will tell.



I'd Rather Crash While Driving Drunk

Than have years of work go down the tubes.  With the former at least I'd be dead and not remember what it's like to work on shit for years and al;kjdfal;kjhfa weoihwfdiou;hwfeio;hfao;iuherawl.  Yeah that's what it's like.  I was in the middle of working on the podcast and my hard drive crashed if Data Rescue can't recover my files I will have just lost about 8 years of work, music, video and yes even the podcast I was working on, if it does I will consider myself EXTREMELY lucky.  I think about having back ups but they could just as easily fail.  I have no fucking clue what to do.  I was also in the process of posting my excitement for getting my Call fo Duty: World at War multiplayer beta code, but I'm fucking annoyed and aggrevated.  FUCK!!!!!!!!!!



Releasing This Month: October 2008

The gaming season is upon us, with November having some of the biggest releases, October hold's it's own pretty god damn well. 

To start it all off the biggest game coming out this month, arguably, is Sony's own Little Big Planet.  With the beta currently goin on there's only about two weeks till the full release.  I wonder how many of the bugs they'll be able to fix before it's ready to be pressed and shipped.  I've heard it's been pretty solid so far but if I were you I'd expect a patch day one that will keep you from playing the game instantly as is the case with so many of these "next-gen" games.  I don't remember ever having to download a patch for any of my NES games but I also remember those glitches that were left in the game sometimes saved a game.  Chip and Dales Rescue Rangers Fat Cat Boss Fight.

Here's the list kids:

October 14th

Dead Space (PS3, Xbox360, PC)
Rock Revolution (PS3, Xbox 360, Wii)
SOCOM: Confrontation w/ Official Sony Bluetooth Headset (PS3)
Saints Row 2 (PS3, Xbox 360, PC)
Golden Axe: Beast Rider (PS3, Xbox 360, PC)

October 21st

Little Big Planet Oct 21st Dead Space, Oct 14th Rock Revolution, Oct 14th
Fable 2, Oct 21st SOCOM: Confrontation, Oct 14th BioShock (PS3), Oct 21st
MotorStorm: Pacific Rift, Oct 28th Fallout 3, Oct 28th Far Cry 2, Oct 21st
Little Big Planet (PS3)
BioShock (PS3)
Far Cry 2 (PS3, Xbox 360, PC)
Spider-Man: Web of Shadows (PS3, Xbox 360, Wii)
Fable 2 (xbox 360)
Rock Band 2 (PS3)
Guitar Hero: World Tour (PS3, Xbox 360, Wii)

October 28th

Fallout 3 (PS3, Xbox 360, PC)
MotorStorm: Pacific Rift (PS3, Xbox 360, PC)

For those I'm looking forward to, screenshots to the right, except Rock Revolution.  I just couldn't leave it alone.

Happy Halloween!!  Oh yeah and just for the hell of it the T-Mobiles Android powered G1 comes out on October 22nd also.  I'm curious to see how this does.  I'm a huge fan of Google but I also love my iPhone.  Let's wait and see.



Solar Powered Kick Ass

As soon as I post about wanting some solar powered gadgetry, I stumble upon this awkward mess.  Sharp is definately goin in the right direction, but yeah need I say more.  Regardless, come storm 'XX, I'll be floating around in style rescuing my fellow gamers. 



The Science in Conscience

I'm amazed and saddened at the same time.  If we ever go through another Storm of '06, and god willing another notable quote from Ben Swan just like the one he gave in '06 with "This used to be a sidewalk!!", the passion in that man is humbling, my whole apartment will be rendered useless.  Technology amazes and astounds me, yet all the same frustrates and disappoints me.  Most of our technology is rendered useless without electricity so to discover out that Boston University's College of Engineering is starting to develop the next gen version of WiFi transmission through the use of lightbulbs, specifically LEDs, well I'm simply flabbergasted.  I love the idea, and to hear that it can even be used in the automobile industry for the following reason is insane. 

"This technology has many implications for automobile safety," Little said. "Brake lights already use LEDs, so it's not a stretch to outfit an automobile with a sensor that detects the brake lights of the car in front of it and either alerts an inattentive driver or actively slows the car."

Crazy, crazy people.  I can't wait for the day that I can rig up my whole place with solar panels and battery back ups so I can continue racking up some XP in Call of Duty 4 while the rest of you float away. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!



PSP-3000 Out Novemeber 30th

Here it is folks.  The PSP-3000. is currently listing it at the expected price point of $199.99.  What comes in the box?  Well, aside from sporting a slicker screen with better contrast and color than the previous two models, PSP-2000 better known as the PSP Slim and the PSP-1000 or the PSP Fat, in the box you'll find the following contents:

  • PSP-3000 system (Piano Black)
  • AC power cord and AC adaptor
  • Battery pack
  • 4 GB Memory Stick PRO Duo
  • Everyday Shooter PLAYSTATION Network Voucher

To anyone who hasn't played Everyday Shooter.  This game is well worth it.  It was originally released on PSN and is the brilliant work of one Jonathan Mak.  To keep the explanation simple it's your typical top down two-stick shooter.  However, once you actually jump in and play you'll realize it's got more charm than a Leprechaun.  Look at the guy on the box.  He's obviously having a blast.  If that alone doesn't help in your decision to pick one up maybe the inclusion of the PSN logo, and the PSN Store as part of the box art will.  I hope that means Sony will finally make the PSN Store available directly from the PSP and not just a fuck up on behalf of some disgruntled art guy.  I wouldn't be surprised if good ol' Tyrese here is holding the PSP upside down.  Wouldn't be the first time.  Nope, it sure wouldn't.  Only time will tell.



Nintendo iDSP, Not Quite, Well Not the Name at Least

More like Nintendo DSi.  It seems the rumors were true.  Nintendo, as expected, announced the Nintendo DSi at their press conference in Japan last night, well for us in the states anway, to Japan it was a whole other time period, and beholden to all the rumor and speculation, almost every detail was proven to be true.  A release date was given and as I'm sure you're not surprised, Japan will be the first to receive it on November 1st.  Other territories were basically told to be getting this little gem "sometime in 2009".

So what's the difference you ask?  Well to start off there's an obvious little black eye looking at you up there on the top right.  That's the 1.3 megapixel camera that'll let you take some shoddy pics, I'm sure kids all over will be juicing their Huggies, but for me, I've got my iPhone and it's amazing 2.0 megapixel cam.  What else you got Nintendo?  Honestly, it seems to me, most of the features are in response to the R4 and all the other hacks available thanks to the homebrew scene.   If you ask me, it's about fucking time.  The DSi now comes with an SD card slot, to what capacity it can handle is not entirely known yet, but it will allow you to download full featured games from the DSi Store which will be setup much like the Wiiware and Virtual Console store.  Prices will range from free to 1000 Points.  What I find odd, and what almost always happens when a company introduces a new SKU like this is you segregate the market.  The DSi will not longer feature Slot 2, better known as the GameBoy Advance slot, so any games that use it for peripherals such as Guitar Hero On Tour to Slide Adventure: Mag Kid are out of luck.  Guitar Hero would have surely benefited from the "audio enhancements" Nintendo mentioned.

Well there you have it.  Nintendo is usually real brief with there details, it's the usual hey check it we got this new thing, it does this it does that, you can play with friends, Nintendo, peace, as the curtains fall.  So expect more on this later.  Also keep your eye out for the new PSP-3000.  It should be out later this month.  I'm sure I will.

Here are some comparisons Kotaku made between the DS and the DSi. 

• Size of Liquid Crystal Display
Nintendo DSi: 3.25 inches
Nintendo DS Lite: 3 inches

• Liquid Crystal Screen
Nintendo DSi: Possible to display 260,000 colors
Nintendo DS Lite: Possible to display 260,000 colors

• Portable Size
Nintendo DSi: Width 137mm, Length 74.9mm, Thickness 18.9mm (touch pen is approx. 92mm in length)
Nintendo DS Lite: Width 133mm, Length 73.9mm, Thickness 21.5mm (touch pen is approx. 87.5mm in length)

• Power Supply
Nintendo DSi: AC adapter for Nintendo DSi
Nintendo DS Lite: AC adapter for DS Lite

• Weight
Nintendo DSi: Approx. 214g (with touch pen)
Nintendo DS Lite: Approx. 218g (with touch pen, Game Boy Advance cover)

• Charging Time
Nintendo DSi: Approx. 2 hours and 30 minutes
Nintendo DS Lite: Approx. 3 hours

• Battery Life
Nintendo DSi: The lowest brightness (9-14 hrs), low brightness (8-12 hours), medium brightness (6-9 hours), high brightness (4-6 hours), highest brightness(3-4 hours)
Nintendo DS Lite: The lowest brightness (15-19 hrs), low brightness (10-15 hours), high brightness (7-11 hours), highest brightness(5-8 hours)

• Software
Nintendo DSi: Software for Nintendo DS, Software for Nintendo DSi.
Nintendo DS Lite: Software for Nintendo DS, Software for Game Boy Advance

• Input-Output
Nintendo DSi: DS card slot, SD memory card slot, AC adapter connection, stereo headphone/mic jack
Nintendo DS Lite: DS card slot, Game Boy Advance cartridge slot, AC adapter connection, stereo headphone/mic jack



Nintendo iDS..P

UPDATE:  It seems we'll be hearing from Nintendo earlier than I thought.  Iwata is expected to make some announcements tomorrow, October 2nd.  I wonder if they'll just gloat about their ability to sell Wii's like Church's sell faith or if they will actually "git down to tha needy greedy".  (Nacho Libre reference by the way)

Quite frankly, I have no idea what to make of this.  There's no denying Nintendo ALWAYS makes twenty million versions of ONE gaming system, I'm looking at you Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance and yes even you Super Gameboy, you still count.  They also sell millions and millions of them so they have no reason to stop and until people stop buying them, it'll continue. 

So the rumor that Nintendo is getting ready to release a new DS with Media functionality and built in camera doesn't surprise me one bit.  As a matter of fact I'm surprised it's taking them this long.  Media functionality, awesome.  Camera, meh not so much.  The camera in these things usually suck bad.  The PSP add on camera is a measly 1.0 megapixel, even the camera in the iPhone is painstakingly 2.0 megapixels.  Granted it does take some decent pics if you can happen to freeze time, make your subjects pose just right under the right amount of light, or you just so happen to NOT be Michael J. Fox. 

I'm looking forward to this being announced though.  It's bound to happen soon with Tokyo Game Show just around the corner, which Nintendo will not be attending, they are sure to do their own thing, that's just how those mothafuckas roll.