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PODCAST: The Lipstick Device is the featured music break for this weeks Weekend Confirmed!! Episode 28 to be exact.

The ability to break apart, dissect and extend any type of discussion about a game like Guitar Hero beyond 2 minutes is one miraculous feat and that’s exactly what they guys of Weekend Confirmed just did in episode 28. There's a reason it's THE gaming podcast it's also the reason why I never miss an episode. While I'm at it I'll bring up how this episode also happens to feature one of my songs “Proximity is Your Campaign.”

I’ve followed Garnett Lee’s podcasting since the early days at Ziff and countless restructuring in lineups. It's a lot like a band with each new revolving chair the chemistry takes a hit. Like many others, I’m also one who miss the original chemistry shared between Shane Bettenhausen, Luke Smith and John Davison, but that was the past and Weekend Confirmed is the present. Garnett never skips a beat even when special guesting the guys at 8-4 Play, another great podcast featuring former 1UP/GameVideos editor Mark MacDonald which focuses primarily on news coming from Japan. It's just as informative, wacky and entertaining as Garnett and the crew.

This post is simply to express my admiration for the great, entertaining minds over at 1up, ShackNews and of course Jeff Cannata, also of the Totally Rad Show. I find it extremely exciting to have something I created be featured on a podcast I truly respect and admire. Jeff's "Very true" response to the album title sent chills down my spine. Them there my fucking boys yo!!!

Visit "Weekend Confirmed - Episode 28" over on for the break down of this specific episode.



Updated: The Lipstick Device [Bio]

You won’t find any type of rockstar bio with lists of things I’ve accomplished here.  I’m simply one guy with plenty to say about nothing.  The Lipstick Device is a one man band from this little “ghost town” of El Paso, TX.  “You can’t destroy the world without a Soundtrack” will eventually describe what happens when all inspiration is lost and seclusion wraps it's cold bare hands around your neck triggering an unhealthy, yet comforting acquaintance

To say I can't stand the music industry is simply too general of a statement to make. I love music and everything involved in making music, but I can't stand specific elements of the music industry. I can't stand specific bands who demand and request what they most always never deserve. I can't stand bands whose bios are filled with lame cliches about loving music or claiming to be something they most certainly are not.  Most importantly, I cannot stand musicians who write music for the sole purpose of reaching some form of stardom.  I may be a musician no one has ever heard of but I can live with that and that’s the difference between you and me and everyone else.

My music is written, first and foremost, for my own pleasure. It fills in the blanks  where the musicians I listen to leave off.  If you don't like it, that's fine with me. If you are intelligent enough to provide any useful criticism by all means provide it, I'm all ears. 

It’s difficult to describe my music because I’d prefer to hear it described from another persons point of view.  It’s like describing a dream.  My description will not fit your image of it regardless of how hard I try.  I feel it also rids you of any ability you have to decide for yourself whether you like it or not.  It’s a form of salesmanship that I wish to play no part in.  It's there, all you need to do is press play.

I've played with enough bands to know that my original intention to stay behind the scenes and become solely a song writer has been solidified. I love performing, but the trouble of finding fully competent, dedicated musicians in this small but lovely city of El Paso, makes it near impossible to accomplish any form of success in that department.

To be blatantly honest, I almost lost any reason to continue to document, liberate and implement any more of the ideas I had brewing in my head.  I’ll always do what I want to because I find some enjoyment in it and NEVER solely for the purpose of earning a buck.



Velas Para La Enferma by Devices In Shift

It's about damn time I finally got around to finishing up this damn video.  Awhile ago I was listening to a cd from a band I was in called Devices In Shift.  I reached the end and hit the title track called "Velas Para La Enferma".  A little bit of history about this song, Manny, the guitarist, had written the guitar line long before I had joined the band and when time came to finish up our band's cd, he decided to record it as an outro.  What ended up happening was I felt compelled to write lyrics to it.  The result was an amazing amalgamation of completely different writing styles, years apart, that surprisingly gave the record closure and sincerity.  From that point on I knew that this was the band I was going to continue writing music with.  Alas, time has passed and so has the band, but the song still means something to me.  I'd been pondering making a video to it for sometime, but ideas kept falling flat. 

One day while rummaging through some archives, I came across a short film my good friend George White made called Poor Richard's Almanac.  As I watched the film, it clicked.  This footage would be hella rad to use for the Velas video.  Decades later I get to work on it and it's now complete.  Nothing super special, no crazy effects just something I had the time to do.  So here it is.  Hope you enjoy it.



Even if I signed with Captiol Records....

I don't think you would ever see me smash my guitar into bits like the fellas in the video above. If you do it's only ever an accident. I'd love to hear what this band sounds like live. I admire the audacity to pull off a performance with such extremeties yet I can't help but wonder how much the musicianship suffers for it. I'm all for entertaining the crowd but if it comes at such high a cost, be it the instruments or even bloodshed, I think eventually you hit a brick wall, literally even, where you have to stop and think "how much longer could we do this?"
Teenagers are stupid. Though I hear Space Monkey isn't quite the rage it used to be, unless you believe everything Dr. Phil tells you. You can't drive the cows to the barn without a hedgehog folks.



Putting the Douche in Music, Green Eyes, and Hot People

These two guys look "dooshay". There is absolutely nothing in their eyes or hair that says "I write meaningful music". No, I get nothing. On top of that I don't find there music to be something I'm into. Obviously, many think quite the opposite and they, as I, have every right to think for themselves. It's quite obvious what caught my attention. That thing in the middle with the two eyes. Who are these people? A band by the name of Nico Vega. There's no reason why I chose this band for this particular post. I just came across this pic while visiting a friends MySpace and thought I'd give the band a chance. It's no secret I am a sucker for female fronted bands and it's disappointing when 90 percent of them are not quite what I was expecting. The music industry, in my opinion, has become saturated with no-name, pretty-face, indistinguishable non-sense. So much so that I find it hard to be inspired by anything. Back in the day I'd drop in any ATDI album into my queue and the emotional response, the overwhelming feeling of pride was breathtaking. Lately though, I'll go back and listen to those same records and the meaning is lost. There is no absolutely no reason to disrupt the airwaves with this voiceless chatter.

At the same time as I finish up episode 5 of the Ask An Enemy podcast, I realize how much of the passion I used to have for being part of the music industry has just faded. It has nothing to do with getting old. It has nothing to do with the "struggle" to be successful. I find myself being very content siimply writing music and if it is solely for myself so be it. I, and emphasis on the I, have no reason to seek a record deal with a company that will only rip you apart. Besides my music is so personal, in terms of taste, that I'm not surprised many do not understand nor find it interesting. I can listen to my music from a third person perspective and fully understand that. I fully embrace and comprehend my limits. That is why I can't market or promote myself in anyway whatsoever. If I do not like a band, and they try to push their music on me, what right do I have to do the same to someone who dislikes my music as well. To put it simply, I absolutely 100% love every aspect of writing music. touring and performing and will continue to do so in some repect. I will put my music out there for others to listen to. I will never stop. It's the industry I can't stand. It's that most of the people and personalities in this business are so cutthroat they fail to see just how ridiculous they are. If another opportunity to tour with Sparta, not SleeperCar but Sparta, Jealous Sound, even Kris Roe, were to land at my doorstep I wouldn't think twice. Slim as that may be, I think I am the only who would understand why.

This is simply a random thought before I get the podcast up which I may expand on from time to time. I just find it crazy that my love for video games as a kid has flourished more and more as the days go by. I'm trying to find out why. I never wanted to be a game developer I just really enjoy jumping into these experiences, and puzzles and situtations that change consistently and can easily be switched on at a moments notice, as well as off.



Devices in Shift, it's no longer like a shotgun blast to the face 10 seconds before I awake

To anyone who follows the band,

For awhile I have been considering whether or not to write this out as we haven't done much of anything lately to make such a big deal of it, however it didn't feel right to just leave the site ( or in limbo, Ask An Enemy will continue unaffected. It may have seen like it's been that way for awhile, yet behind the scenes we've been working on new material. You may have noticed the occasional new song every now and then. We obviously had a show scheduled this past Friday, March 27th with our good friends Antigone at Zepplin's. We failed to show up. We couldn't even agree to play one last show. I decided that I'm not having fun doing this anymore. Many will argue to their grave that music must be treated like a business, I will argue to my grave that it must be a fun and creative process first and foremost. If you lose that you lose any reason to continue doing it for the REST OF YOUR LIFE. It's not fair to anyone. Isn't that why people move on from their 9 to 5. They absolutely hate it and the people they are surrounded by. They feel limited and pressured to do what others expect with little to work with. They move on to find new experiences.

I've tried, believe me I've tried, but when you have three other lives to sync with, that in turn also have other commitments or priorities, it's simply impossible to be on the same page when we are all reading categorically different books. The remaining three members I'm sure will continue to work together as they had before I joined the band. So keep it here as I hope they use this technology to keep you guys updated. My second attempt at Twitter was shot down. The only member who still uses this site is the only member I hate to have disappointed, although it could not have been more obvious how I felt. As for myself I will continue as I always have, writing music for myself, and yes I am unquestionably fine with that. The only regret I have is having to end this with such a wimper as opposed to the sound of a snapped guitar neck.

Thank you guys for all the kind and not so kind words you have all shared with us in the past.




What's this a new song, Holy Hat!! I present to you, Proximity is Your Campaign


Some people have kids, others have pets, I on the other hand breed music. Depending on how you see things though that could be good or bad. I take my time between births, know full well whether or not to start a new project and in this particular situation, absolutely love that it's all grown up and out of the house.

I've been working on this song for awhile now with Devices in Shift but recently gave it a bit of the Lipstick Device treatment, it's called Proximity is Your Campaign. I basically took the reigns and had The Reverend, as my wingman, come in to do his guitar part. I'm sure he'll be pissed with the outcome as I changed a lot of the vocal melody around which would make for some humorous podcast discussion but my band members are gay, so ix-nay on the podcast-vay. To be honest the only reason I finished this song was to meet a deadline for TAXI, which I must say I just met by the hair on my chinny chin chin and albeit a bit prematurely but I'm happily content with the outcome. I'm a little too jaded nowadays to even consider thinking about putting together a full album, though ofcourse I will when I have enough music finished but for now I'll simply release songs as I finish them or as the need arises, because I can.

This particular song is for Film/TV/Video Game placement on a YES/NO basis. No critiques. The neat thing about TAXI is when you submit for a critiqued listing they actually give a pretty in depth analysis of your song. I can't express in words how much it helps and if you are intelligent enough to accept it, it can be very rewarding. I've heard complaints about TAXI being bullshit and not providing it's members with record deals and the sort, but honestly it will basically come down to your music simply not being any good or "marketable". Sure I wish I could be out on the road performing at venues all over the world but it's simply not feasible at the moment and if an opportunity to do so arises you better believe I'd do it. Personally I've never listed a record deal as a priority, read enough about it and you'll know why. Distro deals are rad but hella hard to come by. What it all boils down to is you have to be out on the road, non-stop. Some people just don't fully understand that and assume that because you're in a band everyone should care about who you are. NO! ::Slap on the wrist:: NO! That's not the way it works. At the moment though I'm perfectly content with simply submitting music for listings. It beats dealing with snot nosed 5 car garage bands that think they deserve anything and everything.

At the same time it's always been a problem of mine to market my stuff or promote the band and I know it's partially because I keep to myself and can see both sides to things which tends to make me neutral....and lazy. If I won't go to your son's 1st birthday party, wedding or quinceanera what right do I have to tell you to come to my show and listen to my music. Oh, hello EGO I didn't see you there behind that other ASSHOLE. Besides when I have bands I could care less about hand me there music I can see how people would do that with mine. So I'd rather focus on those people who do like what I do or at least have something cohesive and intelligent to say about it. I'm always up for listening to what people think, unless you are Before Braille, Mike, or that other douche band that played at the House of Rock and Roll and demanded payment even though they sounded like fart and had Diarrhea as management, ending up in their argument meaning shit. See that right there is why I glue myself to my screen and gamepad. Don't worry people Street Fighter 4 is right around the corner.

Anyway visit the MySpace or My TAXI Home Page if you'd like to hear the song. The MySpace page includes the lyrics for those of you into that sort of the thing. Lots of love. Comment away.