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PODCAST: The Lipstick Device is the featured music break for this weeks Weekend Confirmed!! Episode 28 to be exact.

The ability to break apart, dissect and extend any type of discussion about a game like Guitar Hero beyond 2 minutes is one miraculous feat and that’s exactly what they guys of Weekend Confirmed just did in episode 28. There's a reason it's THE gaming podcast it's also the reason why I never miss an episode. While I'm at it I'll bring up how this episode also happens to feature one of my songs “Proximity is Your Campaign.”

I’ve followed Garnett Lee’s podcasting since the early days at Ziff and countless restructuring in lineups. It's a lot like a band with each new revolving chair the chemistry takes a hit. Like many others, I’m also one who miss the original chemistry shared between Shane Bettenhausen, Luke Smith and John Davison, but that was the past and Weekend Confirmed is the present. Garnett never skips a beat even when special guesting the guys at 8-4 Play, another great podcast featuring former 1UP/GameVideos editor Mark MacDonald which focuses primarily on news coming from Japan. It's just as informative, wacky and entertaining as Garnett and the crew.

This post is simply to express my admiration for the great, entertaining minds over at 1up, ShackNews and of course Jeff Cannata, also of the Totally Rad Show. I find it extremely exciting to have something I created be featured on a podcast I truly respect and admire. Jeff's "Very true" response to the album title sent chills down my spine. Them there my fucking boys yo!!!

Visit "Weekend Confirmed - Episode 28" over on for the break down of this specific episode.



Return of the Ask An Enemy Podcast, I think I like Revenge more tho

I decided to take a break from coding, Objective-C or bust, and post up this quick update.

We're bringing the podcast back and with it a new format that will hopefully lead to some well structured and meaningful discussions. "Why the hiatus in the first place?" Well, I personally felt as though we weren't doing the medium justice. We weren't 8BitFix'n it up by any means, not by a looooong shot, but I would never compare Fugazi to Creed so let's just leave it at that. My original vision of having a podcast that allowed for some in depth criticism just didn't pan out. Everyone didn't share the same enthusiasm I did of gluing themselves to a screen for 15 hours a day only to gather enough intel for a discussion at the end of the week. I don't blame them tho, everyone has there own priorities and life commitments where as I like wasting my time and being irresponsible.

"Now what?" Well that's exactly what I asked myself. Why not simply have each guest bring a topic they're interested in and we discuss it with a time limit in order to keep us on our toes. That sounds like a mothafuckin' plan to me.

This also allows us to take advantage of all the tools I was just about to set in place to have the audience chime in. We now have the Ask An Enemy phone line running. Give us a call (915.996.1AAE) and leave us some feedback, too shy? send us a text message (915.996.1AAE) , don't have an unlimited text plan? drop us an email, don't feel like firing up the old mail client? use FormSpring , don't feel like clicking that link? well fuck you.

For the sake of "pos fuck it" I'll let you all in on what the topics are in advance so that you guys can give us your thoughts and who knows we may just share it on the air. Who am I kidding of course we will that's the point.

On deck this week:

Jaycee: Is it possible Mexicans could become the next Jew?
Barry: Illegal Immigration (read this)
Adrian: The longetivity/lifespan of PC Games vs Console Games
Farrokh: Devo and their new record

Let's see what comes of this shall we. Get your RSS feeds ready and subscribe through itunes.png (click opens iTunes)