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AAE Podcast co-host makes it onto that Jeopardy thang

This here's a video of my boy B-Dog "What is a Barry?" Peterson. Fans of the podcast may remember him as Barry "Hyperlink" Peterson, but if you've got bronchitis then we ain't got time for intros. Here's a direct link for download just in case the player doesn't work for you (right click and "save as") - bust it..



iPad or Nook Color. Honestly?

I'm not gonna lie. I've only played with a Nook Color for about 15 minutes but those 15 minutes that I spent fighting with UI more than actually using it were enough for me. Sure it runs Android and I'm all for it, however lately it seems like Android is the new Windows of mobile devices. Got a new shiny tablet with quadruple core specs and enough ram to drain a scabby prostitute dry? Fuck it, slap some Android on that bitch. Forget about whether the UI's been streamlined this thing will run on anything, slap it on.

A friend of mine recently asked if she should pick up a Nook Color. I asked if all she planned to do on it was read, then sure, go for it. She replied and said that she'd heard it could play music and video and such so I asked, why not get an iPad. Now this is where most people say an iPad is too expensive. My response to that is a resounding you get what you pay for. Take heed people. User Interface is the sum of the device and it's software not the difference. If the user interface is not integral, then none of it matters, even if it can burn Blu-Rays and destroy Skynet.

That is why Apple is at the forefront of UI design. They design the software with hardware in mind. Both go hand in hand leading to phenomenal battery efficiency and overall system stability. It's why they decided to forgo what most would have expected in a touch interface for the desktop. It simply does not make sense throw one technology on top of another for the sake of doing so.



PODCAST: The Lipstick Device is the featured music break for this weeks Weekend Confirmed!! Episode 28 to be exact.

The ability to break apart, dissect and extend any type of discussion about a game like Guitar Hero beyond 2 minutes is one miraculous feat and that’s exactly what they guys of Weekend Confirmed just did in episode 28. There's a reason it's THE gaming podcast it's also the reason why I never miss an episode. While I'm at it I'll bring up how this episode also happens to feature one of my songs “Proximity is Your Campaign.”

I’ve followed Garnett Lee’s podcasting since the early days at Ziff and countless restructuring in lineups. It's a lot like a band with each new revolving chair the chemistry takes a hit. Like many others, I’m also one who miss the original chemistry shared between Shane Bettenhausen, Luke Smith and John Davison, but that was the past and Weekend Confirmed is the present. Garnett never skips a beat even when special guesting the guys at 8-4 Play, another great podcast featuring former 1UP/GameVideos editor Mark MacDonald which focuses primarily on news coming from Japan. It's just as informative, wacky and entertaining as Garnett and the crew.

This post is simply to express my admiration for the great, entertaining minds over at 1up, ShackNews and of course Jeff Cannata, also of the Totally Rad Show. I find it extremely exciting to have something I created be featured on a podcast I truly respect and admire. Jeff's "Very true" response to the album title sent chills down my spine. Them there my fucking boys yo!!!

Visit "Weekend Confirmed - Episode 28" over on for the break down of this specific episode.



If only it was for EGM Part 2: This time it's for serious bro!

Four weeks, 200+ hours, and a coffee cup the size of Jurassic Park 3 later, I've finally finished this project at work that's kept me away from this little place I call home. I wasn't even sure I was gonna have the opportunity to share this with anybody but fortunately I am. I've made videos in the past ofcourse, however this one is special in that it's the first one I'm actually 99% proud of as opposed to the usual 10-15%. No artiste is ever 100% proud of anything they create, if they are it's bullocks. In the past I've used programs like Sonic Foundry's Vegas for cutting video, Pinnacle Systems' horrendous Dazzle bullshit, and experimented with Adobe's After Effects, which I used to create the intro to all the previous Ask An Enemy TV episodes. That's all changed since I've found refuge in Apple's Final Cut Studio, Logic Studio and ofcourse Mac OSX. I pushed this little beast to it's limits, keyframing the fuck out of every animation you see and solidifying my decision to stick to this side of the computing world for the time being. Stability, plain and simple. To avoid what would sound like fanboyism to anyone who doesn't know shit I'll leave it at that.

My productivity went through the roof and this was all done on a 13 inch MacBook Pro running your average 2.26 Intel Core 2 Duo with 4GB of DDR3 RAM with a choking point of 1066mhz and I say choking point lightly, very lightly. She made me so proud I recently rewarded her with an upgrade to 8GB of RAM, which to Juan Valdez at UTEP searching for Il Canto on Google Maps and a place to shine his pointy ass boots and belt buckle is complete and utter overkill, yet for someone like me it's what the word fan-fucking-tastical was created for. Yeah suck it. All sequences were shot with Flip Mino HD pocket camcorders which have great image quality. Watch the video above in HD for the full effect. The Flip Mino HD's Achilles heel though is that is has absolutely no image stabilization. So if you're anything like me and can't hold a camera steady for shit, good luck.

My lady, Kel, seems to really enjoy the song I used for the El Paso sequence that I'm actually debating putting it up as a single on iTunes. I don't think she know's there are people like Paco De Lucia, or what most refer to as really good musicians out there that would put this song to shame but I also said "pos fuck it" as most El Pasoans do.

Enjoy the video and please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section, after all, Ask An Enemy....sounds appropriate.



When a songwriter sings his songs proper

Noel Gallagher - Wonderwall - Sorry YouTube doesn't allow embedding of this matierial so you'll have to hit the link to watch the vid.

I'm sure many of you know this song. I'm almost sure many of you don't know the song was written by one Noel Gallagher yet sung and for the most part performed by his brother Liam or Oasis as a whole. This version, sung and performed by the song writer, has no post production values, no proper song architecture. It demonstrates what a true artist is and does. Once the labels take hold of it they over emphasize parts, they put layer on top of layer of nonsense.

This version may throw you off at first, but give it a chance and you'll see that all it's mainstream-ness, all of it's "pop" feel is gone and what you get is the songwriters true intention. I can't see any reason why anyone would or could go back to it's perfectly symmetric and heavily produced sibling.

And here's another simply for good measure.

Talk Tonight

I'm tired but thought I'd post this before hitting the hay. HEYYYYYYYY!!!



Oh Facebook, you little bitch

I recently "deactivated", you can't delete only deactivate, my Facebook account which I started as a way to promote Ask An Enemy and later grew into more of a beast with nothing better to do than scream at the wind.  I decided to simply start up a page specifically for AAE uses such as Facebook Connect, links, AAE posts, etc.  I found the following CAPTCHA's, humorous.

Upon receiving a timeout error and needing to refresh the page I got the following set of CAPTCHA's and although I know the following one is "trader" and not "traitor" I still got the chills and for some reason Rockwell opened up in my iTunes.  That song doesn't even exist in my library!!!  I know Cuh-reeepy!!!



Joy Division, so this is what I've been snubbed for.....

That up there is a live performance of a song called "Dead Souls" by Joy Division.  Who is Joy Division? Well, they're a band that evidently a lot of people have heard of and, to my amazement, actually respect.  See back in 1994 I was enamored by little a movie you may remember called The Crow.  Nine Inch Nails did a cover of the song for the soundtrack to the movie.  I LOVED THIS FUCKING SONG!  At the time I didn't care who wrote it or who Nine Inch Nails let alone Joy Division were, said knowledge only served to discuss the songs existence amongst a circle of friends.  After years of being told Joy Division was such a great band and only recently putting forth the effort to find the original version I'm not all that surprised by what I found.

It's easy to criticize music I didn't grow up listening to simply because I don't harbor that bond you get from listening to it for the first time or the smile you see when you first introduce someone else to it.  You know, like how people say Led Zepplin is good yet I can't find a single song of theirs that does anything for me.  So I understand why people got all up in arms when I'd mention I'd never heard Joy Division.  So what.  Why should the fact that I've never heard the original version of a song matter whether I like a modern version or not.  Imagine traveling 20 years into the future only to return and have to settle for Taylor Swift proper, when you've already heard and seen the younger, hotter and more rebellious successor to her throne.  My point is as time goes on things change, progress, lose relevance and although it's not always entirely true, things get better.  Music, however is so subjective that it's almost impossible to apply such rationale to it.  

Dead Souls is a great fucking song but I gotta say listening to the original version and criticizing it only in terms of musicianship, it sounds like a high school cover band doing a barely passable version of the Nine Inch Nails song.  Does the guitarist even have a clue what he's doing?  Do people honestly consider these horrific, off-key mumblings and sounds, vocals? This is what I've been snubbed for?  Seriously?  I've heard from friends that Ian Curtis would suffer from sporadic seizures that the audience would mistake as part of the performance.  Well color me holy shit as I'd probably be the first guy rooting this mother fucker on if I had no knowledge of his condition.  I fancy myself a musician and arteest of sorts, so I appreciate the value of what Joy Division has done for music but I'm more a product of their influence on the musicians that I grew up with so I do admire their brilliance but I do so indirectly.  I simply can't stand being told what to like and dislike in addition to being liked and disliked based on my "knowledge" of music.  Cuh-rack dat whip!



Adrianne Curry. What else can I say?

This isn't Adrianne Curry in a swimsuit special or Maxim cover shoot, it's just Adrianne Curry being herself while interviewed by two fellas known as The Fine Brothers.  It's awesome she's willing to do interviews like this.  It's worth a watch.




This is a Holiday Tree

This is a Christmas Tree 

Didn't bother anyone getting "tow up" in the manger some couple of centuries ago, shouldn't bother anyone now.

Now before you go saying, "Well slavery didn't bother anyone back then does that mean it shouldn't bother anyone now?"  First of all fuck you.  You are an idiot.   Second of all, it pains me that I even need to say this, but it's a fucking tree ya damn douches.


Same shit different ass.



El Paso Craiglist findings courtesy of my Lady Friend

UPDATE: HAHA!! This is just awesome! Kel sent one of these listings to the folks at and got mentioned. Nice! Welcome to the world of interwebz showbiz my love.

I just had to post this email I got from my my girlfriend, Kelly. I think it really emphasizes two things. People in El Paso love them some Community College and when it comes to selling microwave ovens, no description is necessary. BAM BITCH! Post the pic and sell it. If you live in the area read the listings to yourself in the local tongue and you'll be ROFLMAO'ing in no time.

I love how In the last pic you can actually see the lady leaning out to fit that shit soup of a broken home MORROR into the shot. Comedy Gold (chapa de oro) right there folks!

Table Dinner - $250 (East side) Its in good shap. the coloer is blech. and it has 4 chars. And price is 250 or less make me an offer.

MICRONDAS - $25 (79915)




Look Mom! Pokemon! Anime figures from Japan, Unboxing

Well, maybe not quite unboxing but you get the idea. My sister-in-law or SIL, if you will, rocks mad balls. On her return from a recent trip to visit family in Japan, Asako, brought me back these two gems. I know, I know, there are three in the pic above but let's just say the last one wouldn't be on America's Next Top Model but she'd definitely be holding a candle at the Special Olympics. Let's just call her Bosley.

These figures are found in Japan just like we find Homie's here in the States. If you ask me I'm more keen on Japan's way of doing things. It ends there tho. Tubgirl anyone? Exactly.

They look a bit like Pokemon based on packing but these are far from being "Pocket Monsters" unless ofcourse we're talking about Bosley. Man, seriously, there's nothing worse than seeing a chick with boobs that look like two fat chicks invited to the wrong party. Yeah I threw that one away. Life has enough fat chicks, why would want a fake one.

Try to guess which is my favorite.



Let's dance the Consequence!

Religion is for individuals who need direction in life. If you are a fully competent person who can make rational decisions and understand these decisions don't come without consequences, good or bad, then it should make absolute sense that you do not require a set of rules to live by. You understand what makes the world turn, you understand that in order to have and maintain friendships you must be caring and dependable. Those aren't rules they are common sense that unfortunately, not everyone has.

Movies are so entertaining because they allow us to break free of the rules society sets forth. Movies establish that rules were made to be broken. In the real world if someone rapes your sister, you can't suddenly become a masked vigilante without some consequences, while I personally think that's all sorts of badass I also understand life simply doesn't function that way, sad face I know. The situation does not end with a roll of credits as the hero wanders off into the night seeking vengeance on future rapists. No. It does not work like that. Unless you are insane.

Generally speaking can be harmful, but how can you address a crowd without generalizing. If you take a blanket statement personally, who's problem is that, yours or the person speaking?

Heaven, Hell and even Purgatory are there to provide direction in life through fear of consequence. If you are scared to death of kicking it in a fiery pit after you die for doing nothing more than wishing for one night with Carmen Electra, first off, what is wrong with you, secondly, I ask what's wrong with you because I see it from my point of view.

That's harmless, though that cute bitch from The View would probably think differently, but I'm sure she grinds pretty regularly.

In your point of view I'll be crisping up real well in the afterlife. Fuck, I'd rather be living it up with Brad and Angelina at the BBQ than drinking some Ensure with the 700 Club.

Yeah, this isn't the last of my thought's either. I'll be back. Fuck if Terminators existed that would be all sorts of rad too. FUCK. Religous zealots could be considered Terminators, of anything fun, but they I don't have the cool endoskeletons or the harsh German accent.



PSOne and iPhone mash up!

I want one damn it!!! However it's all sold out. What is this you ask? Well it's only about the coolest fucking iPhone case ever created. It's $20, plus $7 if you'd like the DualShock included, and who wouldn't, it's fucking adorable. However it's sold out so, at least I can stare at it for a bit, a long bit. Here's another pic for the teasing fuck of it.




This is why I love Hideo Kojima

The Mega64 guys have always busted out some funny as shit videos. However this time while at GDC, they managed to get some super stars, at least in the gaming world, in on some of the fun. CliffyB Cliff Blezenski cameo FTW! Hella rad fellas!!



Tecmo, take this and run with it

Former Team Ninja studio head, Tomonobu Itagaki, is notorious for always putting an emphasis on the physics of the jiggling boob in his Dead or Alive series. More specifically Xtreme 2, which took it to almost creepy territory. I'm honestly surprised he didn't release this first, but he's always one for a challenge so it's probably for the best seeing as his version would undeniably have ninjas attempting to slice your hand off with every attempt to jiggle.

Regardless, some devs put this together and submitted it to Apple only to have it rejected. Apparently Steve Jobs and the gang consider it pornography. Kinda sad really as the developers had some fanfuckingtastic ideas planned for the update.

"We had many ideas for things like touch screen support, adjustable physics settings, breast size, but too bad they won't allow us to do it.'

Someone write those guys a check while I go giggle in the corner like a little school girl write up a letter to Cupertino.

Dear Steve-O,

Jiggling boobs on the iPhone. $0.99 a piece. Your 30% cut. Do the math. It's a win-win situation. You may even be able to stop selling Macs altogether. May. You have to remember there are some gay guys out there who have plenty of friends that allow them to do this already, at the same time don't forget about how many people play World of Warcraft. That's right, 10 million.

Your pal,




It was only a matter of time, defend Bush from the flying shoes.

JFK gets a bullet in the head, MLK takes one in the cheek, mouth cheek that is, and yet what does this asshole get, a shoe.  Well two shoes to be exact, and they both fucking miss.  Maybe the run-by-shoe-er was just antsy, but you must admit that was ballsy.  It took the second shoe for the Secret Service to even notice, hey someone's shoe-ing the Prez, all right team let's do dis.  Anyway here's the flash game.  Unload on El Presidente, I mean the shoes.  



Splinter Cell voice actor takes one for the team.

Like most people when I first read the headline I thought, "Whoa Sam Fisher was taken by terrorists", but nope it turns out it's the other guy from Splinter Cell, still not sure who, but once they mentioned he also did voice over work for Prince of Persia: Warrior Within, I thought "Oh, ok, the evil prince, right on", so I continued reading and Joseph Smith man, this guy is tough as nails, at least that's what the article makes it sound like.

"My intention, once the bullets started flying, was to pretend, as I've learned from so many Second World War movies, that I was dead."  And playing dead worked — up to the point where it might have been fatal. That point arrived when the gunmen threw grenades and fire filled the room with smoke. Now, Rudder had a choice: suffocate or run.

How did he escape you ask? 

"To tell you the truth, I followed the bloodstains," he said.

That's just tough.  Seriously though, the terrorist attacks in Mumbai are no laughing matter lots of people died, as they almost always do in a terrorist attacks, but as CBC mentions in the article things like this hit me hard.

 Rudder came to India to learn about meditation. His American friends, a father and his 13-year-old daughter, were part of his study group.  "They're gone. They died in each other's arms as a matter of fact, right at the same table I was sitting at."

It's grade A Velveeta I know, but I don't doubt for a second that if I absolutely needed to, I'd wrap myself around Kel to take any bullets coming her way.  Unless ofcourse I had a gun.  Kel.

Read the full article>