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Back in the day I considered tomatoes to be fake. Now I just enjoy them with salt and accept it.

I’m a little worried that I may have lost something not too long ago. Something I fear I may never get back. Although it’s slowly reappearing. It temporarily comes and goes. It taps on my shoulder and repeats lyrics in my ears and taps rhythms on my legs, then as I turn she’s no longer there. It’s annoyingly frustrating and I tend to ignore it.

One day I imagine myself capturing her, tying her down and screaming loudly in her face to get her to stop. I want her to listen not just hear me. I want her to understand and believe me.

Back when I cared, even dared to speak her name, she would ravish her belongings and become stranded. She owned her surroundings but the air refused to cooperate. They never much cared for each other. Both believed they could exist without the other. Both are wrong. Air must be swallowed, gasped for, yearned, embellished.

There’s nothing she left untouched. Yet everything she remembered was destroyed.

Her eyes leapt out of their canvas, with nothing left to comfort them, they rebelled and began to inform all of the lies she told. It didn’t make sense. Was it an attack for no longer having a place to call home or where they simply fed up with the location. It never felt like it had any meaning.

All of this may simply be my imagining, yet I still worry that I may never get that time back, however I once believed blood was fake. Now that I’m bleeding, I accept the idea that I may not get it back, but giving up is a contradiction to what she always taught me. I’m not paralyzed, I’m only bleeding, but even paralyzed I’d stand for nothing if nothing were for my enjoyment.



I'm trying hard to, but I'm succumbing to it

Writer's block. Of all shapes and form. Musically I can't find inspiration. Shorts bursts, but few and very far between. Lyrically my voice is gone. I can't find anything worth saying that can't be neutralized. I used to create situations from thin air in my head. The images I paint in my mind are still vivid, spectacular and breathtaking, but only I find them to be this way.

I've lost my voice. I've lost my reason. I've become, complacent. I've let society win. I see both sides. I've decided not to partake it's festivities. I'm careless, passionless, and selfish. I need to break this stoic mold.



Dreaming about the wrong world, Xbox Live Avatar support in Guitar Hero 5

Don't get me wrong while I do think Avatar support in Guitar Hero 5 is hella rad, I find it kind of lame that people dream of rocking in a rock band. Those talentless fucks. Why can't you dream of tearing shit up along side Optimus Prime and the gang as the world crumbles in 2012. Now that's a fucking dream. Roads crumbling beneath your feet, explosions causing your heart to skip a beat, gluttonous, selfish, god-fearing maggots acting the fool while succumbing to falling debris. *sigh* What a great way to go.

Oh so yeah Guitar Hero 5 supports your Avatar. :p



Let's dance the Consequence!

Religion is for individuals who need direction in life. If you are a fully competent person who can make rational decisions and understand these decisions don't come without consequences, good or bad, then it should make absolute sense that you do not require a set of rules to live by. You understand what makes the world turn, you understand that in order to have and maintain friendships you must be caring and dependable. Those aren't rules they are common sense that unfortunately, not everyone has.

Movies are so entertaining because they allow us to break free of the rules society sets forth. Movies establish that rules were made to be broken. In the real world if someone rapes your sister, you can't suddenly become a masked vigilante without some consequences, while I personally think that's all sorts of badass I also understand life simply doesn't function that way, sad face I know. The situation does not end with a roll of credits as the hero wanders off into the night seeking vengeance on future rapists. No. It does not work like that. Unless you are insane.

Generally speaking can be harmful, but how can you address a crowd without generalizing. If you take a blanket statement personally, who's problem is that, yours or the person speaking?

Heaven, Hell and even Purgatory are there to provide direction in life through fear of consequence. If you are scared to death of kicking it in a fiery pit after you die for doing nothing more than wishing for one night with Carmen Electra, first off, what is wrong with you, secondly, I ask what's wrong with you because I see it from my point of view.

That's harmless, though that cute bitch from The View would probably think differently, but I'm sure she grinds pretty regularly.

In your point of view I'll be crisping up real well in the afterlife. Fuck, I'd rather be living it up with Brad and Angelina at the BBQ than drinking some Ensure with the 700 Club.

Yeah, this isn't the last of my thought's either. I'll be back. Fuck if Terminators existed that would be all sorts of rad too. FUCK. Religous zealots could be considered Terminators, of anything fun, but they I don't have the cool endoskeletons or the harsh German accent.



Slowly but surely....

image210420155.jpgUntil my MacBook Pro arrives I'll be posting blogs from my iPhone using iBlogger. Depending on how much work it takes it may be just a couple of posts here and there. We'll see.