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Ask An Enemy Podcast Episode 14: Xbox One Input

It's all about the Xbox One yo! That shit be trademarked. This episode it's me and Ruben Zavalla dissecting the news of the week, Microsoft's Xbox One reveal. I'll keep short and sweet as I'm already running late for band practice buttfucking Pro Tools through me for a loop when it reminded me why I stopped using way back when; it's 2013 and I still can't bounce tracks offline!!!! Seriously AVID what the fuck. I have to wait till Pro Tools 11. FUCKING 11. Anyway, enjoy the show and we'll see you all again at E3 Time. 17 more days. Also give us a call and leave some feedback. You can tecks us too bro! 915.996.1223



AAE Podcast Episode 13 - Tacticool, the cool way to be tactical.

Play the podcast directly here [display_podcast] Holy shit it's good to be back. Seeing as it's been so long we hit the hour mark and a good 18 minutes after catching up on some good times. With E3 just around the corner we touch on what we are excited to see and special guest Ruben Zavala drops some words of wisdom to prepare me for my first ever E3. In the second segment Barry and Ruben try to decide whether politics are behind the whole EA ditching links to gun manufacturers was a good idea; as a gamer I could give two fucks about it so long as they keep the sound design legit and never sound anything like guns do in most Unreal Engine 3 games. You hear that Homefront. You bullshit ass fucking fuck shit of game with your shit ass excuse for sound design. What the fuck are your guns made off. Fart.

Anyway, here are the links we reference in this episode

Barry's logo for his existence, which is is balls to the walls sick as shit


and of course the El Paso Artist Guild and the place to buy tickets for the show