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The power of UPS

No, not that UPS, an Uninterruptible Power Supply. My lady, Kel, is always looking out for me and decided to surprise me, after careful review of a couple of different models of course, with a UPS for my office. While I do most of my work on the iMac I'm almost positive this puppy can power/backup both the Mac and my gaming PC. While my PC does get it's fair share of production use it's the iMac that has the majority of my work resting within it.

What we have here is Cyber Power's CP1500PFCLCD. Think that's a mouthful try sticking your tongue in one of the sockets like your testing a 9 Volt. This baby can handle 1500 VA and 900 watts. Currently, I only have the iMac and second monitor plugged into it and the power output is averaging at about 234 watts running iWeb, Photoshop, illustrator, YummyFTP, four instances of Safari, five instances of Google Chrome, iTunes, MarsEdit, and SketchBook Pro all at the same time. I didn't even bother with their proprietary software as OSX has built in tools that handle the job quite well.

About a week ago we had some random thunderstorms and I was in the middle of a preproduction recording session when Logic suddenly spazzed out and shut down the iMac but not before blasting some nasty Nickleback sounding white noise into my headphones. I think the shriek that woke Kel up is what prompted her to hit up the interwebz and rush deliver this thing.

I'm never one to pass up piece of mind.



REVIEW: Astro Gaming's A40 Audio System - Short and Sweet

I’m not gonna lie and say my upstair’s neighbor with his shit for brains and guacamole for dinner was the main reason for my purchasing this amazingly well designed set of hardware. If I did I’d be giving him more credit than he’s worth.  Although he was the catalyst, if you know me, you’d know I’m always looking for a good excuse to pick up a great piece of tech.  You’d think the pounding this guy gets in his ass every night would prepare him for the frequencies coming out of my sound system’s sub woofer but if Juan Gabriel is any indication of what Mexico has to offer then I guess I don’t blame him as my system can wreck some shit, or fudge.  Man, fuck that guy!

Achievement Unlocked - Passive Agressive Vent

Cutting straight to the point, Astro Gaming’s ( A40 Audio System is a definite alternative, if not outright replacement, for your home surround sound theater system, more so if you live in an old folks home where ROCK is a bowel movement.  Unless you simply can’t justify the $250 wallet-weight-loss system to the wife, since that’s usually months supply of Huggie’s, or you just don’t care about experiencing next-gen gaming in all of it’s aural splendor, then there’s really no reason not to pick a pair of these up.  

The A40 Audio System supports true 5.1 Dolby Digital by way of optical or coaxial input, Dolby ProLogic via standard RCA connection and to my surprise, Dolby Headphone.  Let me point out that Dolby Headphone is an attempt at making consumers believe ANY set of headphones can provide 5.1 sound.  I called bullshit.  Tried it.  Sucked.  Sounded worse than listening to Nickelback on mute.

While the headset and MixAmp can be purchased separately, it’s a better deal to purchase as a bundle since not only does the MixAmp provide for greater compatibility it’s also required for console use.  The headset alone sells for $199 and feature’s an over-the-ear design with an open back.  I wasn’t too keen on the open back design at first but after hours of use it’s a welcomed feature that provides significant comfort after hours of ear poundage from the Master Chief or [insert your video game poundage here] .  

The A40’s MixAmp is powered by 4 AA batteries, an optional battery back that’s rechargeable via USB, or simply via USB.  You can daisy chain multiple units together for a LAN session and even plug in an external audio source such as an mp3 player to play music while the shit hits the frag.  HA!   The control layout provides the user with with two buttons, one to power the unit on the other to toggle 5.1 on and off, as well as two knobs, the most prominent one controls overall volume while the smaller one controls the mix between GAME and VOICE.  Astro Gaming provides you with just about all the cables you need right out of the box.  Simply connect the 2.5mm Xbox controller cable from the MixAmp to the input of the headset on your Xbox 360 controller and you’re golden.   The removable boom mic can be set to any side of the headset left or right.  In my experience I’ve generally had a nice balance between GAME and VOICE mixing.  Occasionally though, you will get that friend who still uses the same worn out headset because they’ve grown the fuck up and had kids which causes you to turn that knob full VOICE attempting to understand what’s being said rendering the headset useless.  However if his words are more about the wife than strategy simply mute the bastard and return it back to KICKASS.

In terms of appearance Astro Gaming allows you to customize the headset with various Speaker Tags, which are plastic plates with magnetic tips that rest above the speaker housing.  I went with the obvious choice. 

Overall I feel Astro Gaming did their homework and did it well.  The A40 Audio System, while a bit pricey for the grown up, responsible type, those without a ball and chain will undeniably fall in love with these the second they experience a  plasma grenade flying over their head.

Main image was borrowed from  



Apple iPad, what a "netbook" should be and why it's not for you

No Flash! No GPS! No Camera! No HDMI!?!?  Yeah, I'm sure the millions of netbook users running whatever version of Windows that was shit packed into their device are loving every minute of that overheating, sluggish mess.  All while allowing GeekSquad to stay fully staffed.  Apple elitists may not have taken kindly to the announcement of the iPad but truth be told, the iPad, while obviously still in it's infancy, is Apple doing what it does best, making one beautiful piece of gadgetry that's brilliantly designed and fun to use.

"Apple doesn't allow Flash on the device!"  A fault in web design folks, not the device.  HTML5 will soon become the standard and if YouTube's recent beta is anything to go by it's only a matter of time.  I'd find myself questioning the value of the site I'm visiting and whether or not it's worth having my  browser crash and fans bust into overdrive.

No HDMI! Seriously!? on a fucking Netbook.  Fuck you.  Cramming components into a device that can't handle them efficiently only to use as bullet points on the box doesn't make for a good device.  The problem with Netbooks, if it's not already blatantly obvious, is that they're made with cheap components that are packed into horribly ventilated plastic shells with an OS that isn't designed with any of them in mind.  People fail to realize the reason Apple devices and even Google's Nexus One, albeit less so, are designed for the hardware they are loaded onto.  You still get video out from the device, as you do on an iPod Touch and iPhone it's just not done with an HDMI cable.

It's also common practice for Apple to release updated versions almost immediately after a product ships.  So I don't see any reason why a camera or GPS wouldn't make it into future releases.  Heck it's already been spotted in the SDK.

It may surprise you but the first person I thought of getting an iPad for wasn't myself, it was for my Dad.  There's no chance of installing unnecessary bloatware, no need for spyware, installing drivers for printers, even fumbling with menus to connect to the internet via 3G USB network cards.  My Dad's a trucker and carries a Compaq Laptop with him running Windows Vista that he uses for nothing other than Google Maps, MSN Messenger, Skype, and ofcourse movies and music.  The iPad does that and does it exceptionally well. Thanks in part to his lack of experience with computers, The Compaq makes navigating within Windows a nightmare, while the iPad would make it a breeze to bring up a map, use it and just put it away.  

Multitasking on a Smartphone kills battery life.  Period.  How do you fix that.  Well you design your OS around it just like Apple did with the iPhone.  Sure apps don't run in the background but they save your progress, location, status,  etc, allowing you to switch between them and continue to work productively while remaining responsive and most importantly stable.  You don't need twenty apps running in the background on a Smartphone or an iPad.  If you do, as I said before, reevaluate your workflow and understand this device, let alone a pathetic fucking Netbook, is not for you.  Look at what the device can do, not what it can't and take it from there. 

While the price range for these products is unexpected, and welcomed, of an Apple product line it's easy to see a relation to the PC to Mac price difference.  If you compare the iPad to even the most expensive Netbook, the iPad is still more expensive but the design is by far more superior.  It basically comes down to asking yourself, when you're in the market for a mobile device, be it a netbook or laptop, if what you need the device for fits it's capability, I can almost guarantee the iPad will still edge it out.  Hands down.  Unless you're a cheap fucking bastard, or you had kids when you shouldn't have.  If that's the case, use your income tax on one, you know, instead of buying diapers, then apply for welfare.  Suck it.



THE, I repeat THE, Killer App for the iPhone. Voice Band.

Straight and to the point, Voice Band lets you make music by simply singing, fuck, even mumbling into it.  Why is that fucking cool?  Well for starters I always find myself conjuring up the sickest fucking beats at the most inopportune moments.  Moments where my drumset or guitar are no where in sight.  Beats that would DEconstipate a fat chick and knock some sense into this douche.  I've been dreaming of an app like this for just those moments and for brainstorming ideas without the need to set up the whole fucking studio.  Think about it, you can piece a whole song together on the fly, on the way to band practice and give the band an idea of what you're going for.  Watch the video and keep tabs on your jaw, if it drops nearly as much as mine did, you may want to reconsider moving out of your apartment if you live with a gay.  



BetterTouchTool makes Apple's Magic Mouse worth a shit

When I first picked up Apple's new Magic Mouse the only thing I found magical about it was how quickly it made $70 disappear from my wallet.  True, Apple can sell it's cult vomit in a can so long as the can resembles an object that looks like it fell off the back of the USS Enterprise, however for the most part the vomit turns out to be some great tasting orange juice.

After smashing my Mighty Mouse to bits with a hammer for it's pathetically designed scroll ball I went ahead and picked up a Magic Mouse based on it's potential.  Shut the fuck up and listen.  The entire surface of the mouse is touch sensitive, however the only officially supported gestures out of the box are single finger swipes for scrolling or full 360 degree scrolling.  It's like having a scroll ball that actually works!  The downside though was where the Mighty Mouse had a middle button and the side (squeeze) buttons this supposed Magic Mouse had neither.  This is where BetterTouchTool comes in.  

BTT was developed by Andreas Hegenberg based on the heavily modified code in MultiClutch and holy shit is this guy a genius.  This little app resides in your menu bar and lets you fully customize your Magic Mouse with multifinger clicks, taps and gestures.  It really shows what this mouse is capable of.  This tool is so customizable that it can be a bit overwhelming, however if you stick with only what you need at first and experiment later you should be set.  I've grown fond of the multitouch capabilities in my MacBook Pro's touchpad that working without them seems counterproductive.  Now, with BetterTouchTool and the ability of the Magic Mouse to mimic it's gestures I can now use Expose, Dashboard, Show Desktop even Quicklook and Trampoline while in clamshell mode with multifinger gestures instead of the simple one-finger flip I'd give my old Mighty Mouse relying on keyboard shortcuts.  As if that wasn't enough you can even customize the trackpad to do the same and more if you are so inclined.  Truly an amazing and useful app.

If you have a Magic Mouse there is no reason not to use, or at least try this tool.  I've paid for apps less usefull than this and yes it's free.  Not sure why Apple doesn't have this type of support out of the box but l can only watch in amazement as to how devoted and talented some people out there are.  More importantly that they use their talents for good.  Iron Man is the fucking shit yo!

Download it here



Unboxing: Presonus FaderPort

Here is the Presonus FaderPort Unboxing in video format (also available in the AAE TV section) instead of the usual picture gallery.  Once I completely wrap my head around it's feature list and put this sucka to the test,  I'll post up some thoughts on it.  If any of you use DAWs and have been looking for a simple and efficient host controller with an elegant design the Faderport may just be right up your alley.  As functional as the iPhone is with apps like ProRemote, the iPhone is still a phone so in the middle of a session you can still receive text messages and calls which can be distracting if not annoying.  Putting the phone in Flight Mode relieves you of that however that defeats the purpose entirely and besides fancy schmancy touch screens ain't got shit on tactile feedback.  I'll post up some solid thoughts soon. 



Unboxing: Presonus FireStudio Mobile

My lovely lady got me the following gift for my birthday this past weekend. I need to put this shiz to good use so get your ears ready suckas, this may just bring about the return of the Ask An Enemy Podcast, creamage of pants from rocking Lipstick Device jams, or nothing. The choice is up to me and my mood. You better hope I'm pissed or you'll be listening to some Hootie style jams. Have you heard that shit disease he calls a Christmas song? It's called "Grandma got run over by a reindeer now she has no clue my real fucking name is Darius Rucker and not Hootie! It's NEVER BEEN FUCKING HOOTIE!!!" Nah, seriously it's called Shit DUZEEZ or something equivalent to that mental picture. Scheck out the gallery bro!



Unboxing: Apple's Magic Mouse

Check out the gallery below. I've been meaning to post up these pics for awhile but the turkey got the best of me. It's called being lazy. If only I wrote for EGM or one of the good blogs I'd have the man on my ass day in and day out to get shit done. Now that's a mouthful, and that would probably be what he said, but I dig chicks. Literally. NICE!!! Maxim in the work place? That's hot yo!



SquareSpace iPhone App now available in the App Store

I've been checking the App Store religously for this app ever since I moved the blog over to SquareSpace. Everyday to no avail. I gave up for about a week or so and checked again last night just for heck of it. What do you know? That familiar logo stared me right in the face. It's a free app that requires you to have a SquareSpace account but man oh man is it lovely to have a dedicated app.

I was previously using iBlogger, which quite honestly wasn't that great of an app. The UI was a little cluttered and posting jpegs was a nightmare. I thought I'd write for my first post with it. I don't see any options to edit HTML yet but I really don't see my self doing any in depth posts on the app, more so quick thoughts on shows and such.

SquareSpace I have faith in you. I wouldn't have switched over, losing podcast subscribers if i didn't think it was worth it.



REVIEW: Logitech MX Revolution Wireless Mouse

Normally I wouldn't recommend wireless mice, let alone non-bluetooth wireless mice. For gamers the reason is obvious. Wireless mice are finicky as shit and finding a reliable connection with so much radio interference around nowadays is almost impossible. Bluetooth mice offer a more reliable, stable connection but are power hungry little bastards. You'll feel like you're footing the bill at a Duracell buffet on Lobster night.

The Logitech MX Revolution changes all that and then some. I've been pushing this mouse for about a week or so and believe it or not it's still going on one charge. The battery life is without question a definite pro of the unit. The MX runs off of a rechargeable Li-ion battery, that unfortunately isn't user replaceable but shall the need arise I'll update this post accordingly. It does come with a dock charger which you simply drop the mouse into doubling as a great display stand. Sorry I'm a sucker for those kinds of things. The dock requires AC power so a wall outlet is a must. Some users may not like that, though i prefer it. Out of the box the unit will work immediately however I strongly recommend you give it a full charge, about an hour or two should be good. I still have 4 full bars after a weeks use day and evening, remembering to turn it off at night.

Another plus goes to it's receiver. It runs off of a 2.4GHz RF USB Receiver which is small and compact. The Microsoft wireless laser mouse I owned previously had the fat wired dongle that makes it a huge inconvenience for mobile users. As I mentioned before, RF connections, more so those in the 2.4GHz frequency are usually hit or miss but with this mouse I haven't had any problems. I must admit at first I was getting a jumpy signal but I simply changed out the mouse pad and problem solved. Amazing how much a mouse pad really does make a difference. I have the same mouse pad at home and work which were bought at two different retail stores and it absolutely hates the one I bought at Big Lots, go figure. Spoiled little bitch.

Usually the software that's bundled with these devices is nothing but bloatware. In this particular case the Set Point software is definitely worth the install. It allows you to map each and everyone of the buttons from the standard click to more complex actions like launching applications with a single button press even mapping specific key commands. It's impressive what you can do with this mouse. I paired it up with Trampoline in conjunction with Dockables and it's made my life that much easier. The only mouse button you can't map is the middle mouse button. It's set by default to control what Logitech calls it's MicroGear Precision Scroll Wheel mechanism. Clicking down on the scroll wheel causes the device to engage and switch between the high precision ratcheting wheel, or hyper speed free wheel. It wasn't a feature I much cared for going in but when you actually put it to use it definitely makes sense. It's make scrolling through long websites or PDFs loads easier.

On Mac OS the thumb wheel is uber convenient as it can be mapped to control Expose, Spaces, Dashboard even switching between applications. Pushing forward shows my desktop, backwards is application swticher and pressing the wheel in is CMD+Click for opening links in new tabs. That's not by default but my personal preference.

Overall I couldn't be happier with my decision to go with the MX Revolution. After all the mice I've been through, specifically Apple's own Mighty Mouse with it's horrendous scroll ball design requiring OCD like cleansing habits to continue to function properly, the Revolution is a real treat. I strongly recommend picking one up as it also feels great in your hand. Like a perfectly shaped bosom.

The Logitech MX Revolution retails for around $59.99 and is available from a variety of online retailers as well as local retail outlets.



AT&T iPhone Tethering VS Sprint Mogul Tethering

Now that I've got tethering up and running on my iPhone I thought I'd run it through some tests and compare it to my previous interwebz connection, my HTC Mogul on Sprint's EV-DO Rev A Network.

Sprint usually excels at being the first of all the networks to really push cellular networking technology out of the gate, however competition can be a bitch and AT&T is that bitch. We all know AT&T is under a lot of pressure from it's customers for some lame ass business habits and frankly I'm quite surprised Apple has tolerated any of it. Apple's iPhone is capable of so much and AT&T seems like they'd rather hinder the device than embrace it.

[DISCLAIMER: I, in no way, recommend you put your iPhone or Mogul through the following methods to enable features AT&T has yet to acknowledge. You take full responsibility for your actions, any malfunction you may cause your device and/or any charges you incur. With that being said, many people have gotten these features to work with little to no known side effects, YET.]

Let me make this clear, I have not yet enabled MMS, as that fork in the road leads to shitloads of other headaches at the moment but if you're so inclined feel free to read this and give it a shot. As much as I fucking loathe AT&T's method of viewing MMS messages I still prefer to wait on an official release for that one. It's coming, but not till late summer. Plus MMS will actually modify your Carrier Profile while the tethering hack is simply adding an additional network profile that can easily be deleted if you no longer need it. Here's how you do the tethering hack, it's super simple to do.

Some users have been reporting that their visual voicemail no longer works, for the record I had no problems with mine, but the solution seems easy enough so the payoff depends on your point of view and as always, YMMV.

When you first install the tethering profile you'll notice an extra setting, Internet Tethering in your Network settings at Settings>General>Network. All you need to do is simply turn it on and your Mac will recognize it as a new network connection simply click on ok and then apply and you'll be surfing like Johnny Utah in no time. It's Apple's "It just works" slogan being put the test just does. I haven't tested this on my PC, though I"m sure you'll have to go through the usual driver install rigamarole and you should be set. If for whatever reason you need to uninstall or remove the AT&T Profile later simply go to Settings>General>Profile and tap on remove and you'll be golden.


While Apple's iPhone has tethering built-in in 3.0, my HTC Mogul requires the use of third-party software to use your current data plan and avoid having to pay extra for, ridiculousness. The Mogul does have tehtering built-in as well however it's finicky as all fuck and you need to pay additionally for a Phone As Modem data plan. Just for kicks the software I used was USBModem by Mobile Stream. It's $20 and they do have a fully working trial version that you can test to make sure it works on your device first. I'll stand by it as I've used it for well over a year and comes in super handy when you forget to pay your Time Warner bill really need it.

DL Speed/UL Speed

Network performance depends on many variables that affect speed so this is not scientific in anyway whatsoever but the highest speeds I've achieved so far are noted here. I took both networks to task at and chose servers from San Fransisco and Dallas and here are the results.

HTC Mogul SAN FRANSISCO server, Sprint EV-DO Rev A

HTC Mogul DALLAS server, Sprint EV-DO Rev A

Loading videos from YouTube, GameTrailers, Game Videos, etc, there was always the need to queue them up and let them load entirely before even watching them. Streaming was not an option as the constant stop and go would get annoying quick. For occasionally updating the blog the HTC Mogul held it's own. The only time it really disappointed me was during E3. Trying to liveblog while watching the conferences was such a nightmare I had to resort to simply watching the conference and writing up some afterthoughts.

Now let's look at the speeds I get on AT&T's 3G Network. AT&T's 7.2 Mbps HSDPA Network won't start rolling out till later next year and rumor has it that AT&T will officially announce iPhone tethering then. It seems a bit pointless to me as only the 3GS has built-in support for those blazing fast speeds but a Thailandnese hooker makes more sense than AT&T at the moment.

Apple iPhone SAN FRANSISCO server, AT&T 3G Network

Apple iPhone DALLAS server, AT&T 3G Network

Upload speeds are generally always low. For example at home I can get anywhere near 16Mbps DL speed but my upload speed never passes the 1Mbps mark. Not entirely sure if that's bad as I don't really ever upload much aside from the podcast and pics for the blog.


It's quite obvious the speeds on AT&T's network are plenty fast, however the downside is it's not official yet. So eventhough you are paying AT&T for an "unlimited" iPhone Data plan, more than likely there is a fair use clause in there somewhere which caps it at a 5GB bandwith limit. I haven't quite reached that point yet, although on my Sprint data plan I did reach 11GB of bandwith month after month without a peep from Sprint. I'll chuck that up to my archaic Sprint Power Vision plan, which I don't think is an option any more. Visiting all the major sites I've noticed most tethering plans all start at about $30 and go up to $60, and all have a 5GB cap. Convenience wins in the end though. I'll take the risks and see what comes of my handy iPhone. The phone is still fully functional while tethered, you can still receive calls, text messages, play music etc. With the simple flick of a swtich I'm online as opposed to having to fumble through menu after menu on my Windows Mobile based HTC Mogul. Gotta hand it to Apple, they make some slick devices.



Ask An Enemy Podcast Episode 10 brings bad karma

So folks. Apparently talking some shit on the podcast will bring you some bad luck. After finishing up this weeks podcast, Barry got home to undoubtedly play some Call of Duty 4 only to find this waiting for him. I think leaving your console on 24/7 instead of using what most people know nowadays as a little thing called SAVED GAMES, to ofcourse come back to a game later caused this little Johnny 5. What kind of maniac, knowing the history of these machines leaves his on all day to play fucking Wolverine. Maniac Cop 2 maybe. Sorry it's 3 in the AM kids.

Good thing Microsoft's 3 year extended warranty has my boys back. I told him if he's really desperate for some COD4 action tonight he should pull off the old towel trick for the time being. Only temporary ofcourse, but it should definately tide him over till he gets to filling out the paper work and getting his "coffin" on it's way.



Holy Hat, let's all upgrade to Dial Up

Back when the interwebs were just a twinkle in the eye. I could totally see this being an Onion News video but it's not. Amazingly it's real. Why do I think that you ask? Well "imagine if you will" being interviewed and your description is "Owns Home Computer". That's intense. 2 hours to download an entire text document? Holy hat!!



AT&T Tethering rumored to be announced at MacWorld Expo 2009

attlogo.jpgWell this is hella rad, yet entirely redic(k)-u-fucking-lous. Ever since I picked up an iPhone, I've been keen on AT&T's conniving little ways in which it does business. First off you choose your calling plan, which can range anywhere from $39.99 to $99.99, then you decide on a SMS (text messaging) plan in the price range of $5.00 for 200 to $20.00 for unlimited, finally you MUST choose a data plan, though the only option you will really need is the $30 plan, but there is also a $45 "Enterprise" plan if you really think you are that kickass.

My problem with AT&T is that the iPhone will always look for wifi first. So right off the bat you know that they are dodging any bandwidth costs they are charging you for especially when you consider they have a 10mb limit on downloads over 3G, anything over that requires you connect to wifi. Sure wifi can be turned off entirely but as I said it is required at times so that point becomes moot. 3G is fine for surfing the web, streaming internet radio such as Pandora (click opens iTunes), and some of the not-so-lengthy podcasts, however my gripe comes with how it requires you to use wifi for iTunes and it's primary focus on using wifi first. Wifi obviously has it benefits over 3G but when you are paying for a data plan that in a way is circumvented by the device, well it feels cheap.

Now we have the much anticipated rumor that AT&T will finally announce tethering plans for the iPhone at this year's, this week actually, MacWorld Expo. That rumor, while exciting, is bittersweet due to it also mentioning that AT&T plans on charging an additional $30 for the tethering plan, yes in addition to your current $30 data plan, throw on top of that a 5GB cap per month and you'll see why any excitement is quickly shot down. I've held on to my Sprint Mogul for the simple fact that I can still use it as a modem to blog from work and on Sprints EV-DO Rev A network the connection speed is more than acceptable. Last month alone I hit the 8GB mark without a peep from Sprint. The icing on the cake is that I still have my archaic $5 Power Vision plan. Can't beat that with a stick. Let's hope this rumor holds up except for the 5GB cap limit and $30 additional charge part. Fingers crossed.



Swap your 2 year contract and new cellphone with someone who wants it

celltrade.jpgTired of your two year contract and Samsung Instinct current cellphone? Do you want to be hip like all the cool kids and get mugged own a semi brand new iPhone? Well it seems like someone is looking out for you. and are setup to help you find someone to take over your current plan for the small fee of $20 to $25 respectively.

Most people get family members to take over their plans but for some it may be easier to just post up their current plans on either of these sites. I guess you can think of it as a sort of Craigslist specifically for cellphone plans.

The New York Times has an article up on how it works. If it's something you're currently looking into, I would definitely recommend at least checking it out.



Tecmo, take this and run with it

Former Team Ninja studio head, Tomonobu Itagaki, is notorious for always putting an emphasis on the physics of the jiggling boob in his Dead or Alive series. More specifically Xtreme 2, which took it to almost creepy territory. I'm honestly surprised he didn't release this first, but he's always one for a challenge so it's probably for the best seeing as his version would undeniably have ninjas attempting to slice your hand off with every attempt to jiggle.

Regardless, some devs put this together and submitted it to Apple only to have it rejected. Apparently Steve Jobs and the gang consider it pornography. Kinda sad really as the developers had some fanfuckingtastic ideas planned for the update.

"We had many ideas for things like touch screen support, adjustable physics settings, breast size, but too bad they won't allow us to do it.'

Someone write those guys a check while I go giggle in the corner like a little school girl write up a letter to Cupertino.

Dear Steve-O,

Jiggling boobs on the iPhone. $0.99 a piece. Your 30% cut. Do the math. It's a win-win situation. You may even be able to stop selling Macs altogether. May. You have to remember there are some gay guys out there who have plenty of friends that allow them to do this already, at the same time don't forget about how many people play World of Warcraft. That's right, 10 million.

Your pal,