Holy shit! Look at them WeeFees!


Wifi at E3 is shit, well after the first day at least. During the EA and Microsoft press conferences in 2013 they were fucking rad, then almost immediately after I got my preorder in for an Xbox One everything went to shit. Trying to post anything in a timely fashion was impossible. That won't stop me from trying to capture as much video and audio as possible. There's been plenty of news this past week which makes you wonder "what could possibly surprise me now?" but apparently Microsoft has been doing a great fucking job at keeping "the greatest lineup in video game history" under wraps.

I have an appointment to see/experience the Oculus Rift version of Narcosis which is a survival horror game set underwater. I've been meaning to check this game out since GDC 2014 but every opportunity I had always fell through at the last minute. Not this time. I've 30 full minutes with the game and hopefully some Q and A time with the developer afterwards. Fucking stoked.

Also on the agenda I'll be at the Rockband 4 preview party that is being held at The Mayan by Harmonix. I'm super stoked to find out if they'll be supporting the Rockband Creators Network like they did with the original Rockband, and if so, hopefully they'll do away with the peer review requirement. Although I do still hold mixed feelings on that.

So, I leave for E3 this Monday and I'll trying to post up as much as possible, in the meantime I have to get back to finishing up the PS Vita version of (Unannounced Game) so that I can a quick and easy portable version to show for anyone that asks :)

Thanks for 2013 buddy! R.I.P.

Thanks for 2013 buddy! R.I.P.