Sorry for the delay. The big press sites must have VIP access to them Mpbs. Anyway, I was at the EA and Microsoft press events yesterday, but didn't make it to Sony, however the plus side was we were able to attend the opening reception to an art show by Michael Edward Miller. [flyer above] Watch the next episode of AAE TV for that. Washing up and getting ready for the official start of E3 today, but here are some quick updates while I get to going.

PS3 $399 - Launch this holiday

Xbox One $499 - Launch Novemeber 2013

[why the price difference if Sony has the better tech in the box - Sony doesn't require PS Eye and it's not included in the box - details later]

Battlefield 4 crushes Call of Duty: Ghosts in almost every conceivable way [nothing new right]

Mirror's Edge 2

New Battlefront

Ok, we'll get into the details of that later today. Peace for now.