20130415-170927.jpg Shit just got real in Tokyo. Sony just launched a new internet service that makes Time Warner, in the states at least, seem like a joke that is not in anyway funny. You may want to add Japan to the list of "places I'd rather be." Kansas City who? Austin has shit weather and too many hipsters what?

2Gbps downstream and 1Gbps upstream, that bests Google Fiber by whole Gb. Thats a lot of Mbs. Hyperbole aside I'm sure streams will still be heavily dependent on the speed at which services like YouTube, Twitch, and other media heavy sites can be served up to you, but its undeniably a huge step in the right direction. Even on TimeWarners theoretical 30Mbps I still, on good days, can only connect to Steam at 3Mbps. Sad Face.

via TweakTown