Back before Activision shat all over Infinity Ward proper and the Call of Duty IP, causing what was arguably the biggest shakeup in gaming history this side of Gerstman-Gate, Modern Warfare stood a chance and making a name for itself as a stand alone product. Activision ultimately drew the final straw that broke that camels back when it fired Vince Zampella and Jason West with most if not all key members leaving to join the newly formed studio that Vince and Jason appropriately named Respawn Entertainment. Robert Bowling questionably soldiered on as Community Manager later being retitled as Creative Strategist. It's no wonder many in the gaming industry were taken by surprise by Bowling's sudden departure from Infinity Ward, or what's left of it. One has to wonder what the cause was. Could it be that Bowling did not agree with where Activision will be taking the franchise in the future. It's been widely rumored that Call of Duty would go subscription based and considering Activision's past greed filled endeavors,along with bunk-buddy Blizzard's ability to milk the shit out of their player base month to month, it doesn't seem too far fetched. Modern Warfare 3 left a sour taste in my proverbial mouth and this only makes matters worse.

Not surprising however, was Respawn Entertainment's was quick response to Bowling's 300K+ Twitter followers that current Community Manager Abbie Heppe is still steadfast in her position at Respawn. Only time will tell I guess but it sure is fun to speculate.