As Aaron Lewis says from time to time on the radio waves, it's been a while. Indeed it has. After the first recording session at Clap of Thunder back in November I left the studio feeling super stoked and ready to finish the record. Two weeks later I attended the much anticipated Sparta reunion concert at Tricky Falls. Disappointment did not even begin to explain the feeling I left the venue with. I immediately decided to take the holidays off, pack my bags, catch the first train to Skyrim and get my feet wet and balls smashed in some Battlefield 3 boot camp. Video games are definitely a passion of mine and tend to be the glue that keeps my mind from falling apart; enabled mostly in part by the fact that i have the most understanding and loving of ladies. Oh and we've got the coolest-most-retarded-kick-ass cat on the planet. She makes me smile. They both do.

So after my break I decided to hit up Gabe at Clap of Thunder and get some drum edits done and ready up for the next session. I originally expected to only need about an hour, two max, to get things nice and set up but alas my drumming skills were a tad rusty. Luckily it's over with and up next are the bass tracks. Oh and one last thing before I forget, the new album will be released under a new "band" name. Howard Roarke.