I had a really interesting dream last night. It's a dream that only I will EVER understand so I won't waste your time with that, however towards the end of the dream I heard a melody of what sounded like "Little Dipper" from Champagne, IL's own H.U.M. A great fucking rock band from the late 90's that made my pant's wet and muddy…from the shitting of. So I woke up wanting to listen to some of their jams and randomly hit up an old fan site of their's that is never updated but has some great footage and sound clips from back in the day. Crazy thing is just two weeks ago I finished a session recording drums at Clap of Thunder and Gabe told me they were heading to Austin the following day to play the Fun Fun Fun Fest. Little did I know H.U.M, who'd broken up back in 2000, is pulling a Sunny Day Real Estate/Sparta and getting the boys back together for a few scattered shows here and there or as I like to call it ROCK. Good ol' YouTube and a flick of the wrist brought me to the video you find above and plenty of others. I think this will be a good rest of my life. Jealous Sound, I'm waiting for your phone call.