No, not that UPS, an Uninterruptible Power Supply. My lady, Kel, is always looking out for me and decided to surprise me, after careful review of a couple of different models of course, with a UPS for my office. While I do most of my work on the iMac I'm almost positive this puppy can power/backup both the Mac and my gaming PC. While my PC does get it's fair share of production use it's the iMac that has the majority of my work resting within it.

What we have here is Cyber Power's CP1500PFCLCD. Think that's a mouthful try sticking your tongue in one of the sockets like your testing a 9 Volt. This baby can handle 1500 VA and 900 watts. Currently, I only have the iMac and second monitor plugged into it and the power output is averaging at about 234 watts running iWeb, Photoshop, illustrator, YummyFTP, four instances of Safari, five instances of Google Chrome, iTunes, MarsEdit, and SketchBook Pro all at the same time. I didn't even bother with their proprietary software as OSX has built in tools that handle the job quite well.

About a week ago we had some random thunderstorms and I was in the middle of a preproduction recording session when Logic suddenly spazzed out and shut down the iMac but not before blasting some nasty Nickleback sounding white noise into my headphones. I think the shriek that woke Kel up is what prompted her to hit up the interwebz and rush deliver this thing.

I'm never one to pass up piece of mind.