Talk about mixing Talking Heads with a bottle of gin. The Stranger Fig is a band from my beloved El Paso that pushes all the buttons labeled self destruct and brilliantly laughs itself to sleep. These motherfuckers can hammerfist a hooker while giving the fat sads to a bulimic. I can almost guarantee those aren't complete thoughts but neither is The Strangler Fig. It makes sense. The video above is a highlight reel of my boys in action. Right click and "save as" on the links below to download the full clips, in HD of course. My boys!!! We'll have to play a show together soon!

UPDATE: My FTP app Flow is sucking all sorts of balls at uploading these files at the moment. I apologize, I'll have the links up soon. If anyone has any recommendations for a better, stable, and flat out more reliable FTP app, please recommend one in the comments.

UPDATE: I went ahead and went back to the good ol' reliable YummyFTP and now the links are working. Slowly but surely I'll have them all up.

Download Clip A
Download Clip B
Download Clip C
Download The Fig in 720p [HD Foos!!!]