After all the coverage I've seen it receive over the past couple of months I'd wager to say yes, easily. I only see one outcome to developer ATLUS's decision in bringing this title stateside and it's not looking good. Personally though, it's refreshing to see a game like Catherine make it to the states. Along with title's like Ignition Entertainment's El Shaddai -Ascension of the Metatron I'm ecstatic to see such risk taken by the publishers.

Catharine's gameplay consists of somewhat simple puzzle sequences that must be solved quickly and efficiently. The plot and gameplay are extremely distant of anything the typical Call of Duty player is used to. With so many shooters on the horizon I've been drained of any desire to play most of them. I'm eagerly anticipating July 26th. Unfortunately, I only have time for one of these two titles thanks to the music bug hitting me hard lately. To be honest I don't have time for either but I'll be making time for Catherine simply for the reason of being ensconced in an environment and gameplay that doesn't involve shooting someone else in the face. I don't have the slightest shred of interest in Activision's cash cow this year. Modern Warfare 3 can suck it. The Catherine demo had me cussing up a storm due to the accuracy, or lack there of, in the controls. They do feel tight and responsive, there's just something that never feels quite right about 2D controls while you're in a 3d environment.

While Catherine will definitely be first on my list, I think most others will gravitate towards El Shiddai.

UPDATE: Ignition has delayed El Shiddai to an August 16 release date. I'm quite ok with that actually.