UPDATE: Finally got my custom Bat Tops in the mail. The VLX gets a sleek hefty black aluminum top, while my old FS3 get's the black plastic top. I'm taking these puppies for a spin. I hope they don't puke in the back seat.

Here's the second of my unboxing filler posts. Back in the day when I was 13 I shaved a roman numeral 2 on the back of my head all fucking Vanilla Ice syle. What was it for you ask? It was for Mortal Monday, the day Mortal Kombat 2 hit home consoles. My brother painted it on my head with whiteout and my mom followed the lines with the clippers and the courage only an experienced Tri-State Beauty College Graduate could have. Check it.

I present you with my ridiculously bad spending habits Hori's Real Arcade Pro 3 VLX Premium Fighting Stick. Hori worked with Taito to get this stick stateside and if you love you some fighting games this is THE stick to get. Second to none. Mad Catz Tournament Edition figting sticks hold their own but this exact replica of the Viewlix arcades from Japan are a sight to be seen. You'll pay a hefty premium for this high grade stick but once it's on your lap you'll realize why. I grew up with the American Bat Top arcade sticks, known to the fighting game circuit as Happ Joysticks. Mortal Kombat was one such arcade cabinet that came equipped with this type of stick, so its only natural that I find the Japanese ball top a bit unnatural. Luckily I found them online for a cool $5. Shipment confirmed!

Enjoy the gallery!