UPDATE: Looks like what I originally thought was right. After watching the Paramore interview on MTV although it was only mentioned very briefly, it was clear Josh's religious beliefs are what caused not only the break up of the band but also the break up between Josh and Hayley. Surprisingly the most shocking thing to come from the interview was that Josh Freese would be filling in for their South American tour. Crazy indeed. Looking forward to hearing what that sounds like. Also I'm not to fond of hearing that Taylor York is heavily influenced by folk music. I'd hate to have another band I truly loved listening to nonstop be tarnished by that crap also. ::cough:: Sparta ::cough:: Sleepercar ::cough::

Granted, I don't know Hayley personally and I probably never will. I'm not gonna sit here and go on and on about how Paramore is the greatest fucking band of all time because quite frankly the answer to that is obvious, but nevertheless I fucking dig 'em. They're break up? Umm, read lyrics much?

I was surprised however, to see Josh's Christ-Shat-Upon-The-Cross-Y'all-Lets-Go-Lick-it blog entry that set the Paramore community ablaze. His point of view seems valid but his comment about Hayley's lyrics is so belligerently asinine, it not only pinpoints what the real issue was, it amplifies it considerably. I'm sorry but I don't much care for people who wear their faith so heavily and obnoxiously on their sleeve. It's never of original design either is it? It's always the same patch, the same torch and that's why he lost me. I feel sorry for the guy but it justifies how ridiculous people are who can't see life outside that aging book and how difficult it can be to work with someone so blinded by their beliefs. Dude gets so solid in the pants for the good word I'm surprised he lasted so long in a rock band. Josh and Zac are undeniably decent musicians but touring shouldn't even belong in their vocabulary.

The following was undeniably fabricated in my head and to some, it's absurd I'm sure, but I'd like to think Hayley's side of the story is one of rebellion. Growing up in a religious household and wanting to break free of it's stipulations with, if I may add, unbridled enthusiasm. She did move out at a fairly young age. Interestingly enough, her tattoo's, especially the one of a black cross on her leg send some mixed signals. Oh yeah and then there's the infamous "hacked" nip, I mean pic. Elephant. Room. Come to think of it she's also ripping into that dude from New Found Glory. Well at least it's not the singer. Dude's a creepy mix of Quentin Tarantino and BLAP! - the sound a fat chick makes when she's dropping something fierce. I'm actually interested to hear what their label they have to say this Friday on MTV. Livestreaming yo! 4PM Eastern.

At the end of the day I can still crank up Brand New Eyes, Riot and All We Know is Falling and I'd still be listening to the same damn good jams I was listening to before all of this ruckus.

I can't throw all caution to the wind entirely though since break ups like these usually lead to things like Gwen's solo career. If Hayley truly is that weak minded and manipulable I can see things going that way. Regardless of what anyone says though you can't fake stage presence like that - rock is where this girl belongs, it's why I love what she's capable of and why I'd snatch her up in a heart beat to work with artistically if I were ever given the chance. Again FABRICATION. My friends and band mates know, as I've made it quite obvious, I'm a sucker for female fronted rock bands but I don't much care for most that I'm introduced to. 90% of them are me-too's, 7% are horrendous, 2% suck, and that last 1% are so rare it's almost not worth the effort. I'm currently diggin' this band from Brazil called Fake Number that I discovered through Pandora. Let me just put it this way, as long as I don't have to see the band I can get down with two of their jams.

As for Paramore, Tetelestai indeed.