I know, I know, this is coming from the guy who payed $150 for the Prestige Edition of Black Ops that my cat enjoyed for all of 5 minutes, but at least I got something tangible out of the deal that wasn't, for lack of a better word, lazy. Activision has just announced their first DLC Map Pack for CodBlops and surprise, surprise it's $15.

On the latest episode of Major Nelson's podcast, Treyarch's Online Director Dan Bunting, revealed First Strike, the first DLC map pack for Blacks Ops hitting February 1st. Thanks to Kotick and Mattrick's love affair and Microsoft's deep pockets, Xbox 360 owner's get first dibs on all DLC so PS3 players will have to wait. How long? I'd be surprised if it was longer than 30 days however, that was never specified only my speculation. The pact between Microsoft and Activision was announced at last years E3 but the timed exclusivity will continue through 2012 for what it's worth.

So what do you get for your $15 or 1200 Spacebucks MS Points? You get five maps total: 4 multiplayer maps and 1 zombie mode map. If you're anything like me you'd like some specifics and the Ask An Enemy break down. Here it goes, The first 2 uninspired fluff-and-filler maps are based on areas from the campaign with one called Discovery, an antarctic research facility, and the second is Kowloon, based on the rainy rooftop sequence in Chinatown. Is it just me or does there always seem to be a map that shows off the engine's weather effects. The last two multiplayer maps are at least somewhat interesting: Berlin Wall, the name says it all and Stadium, a hockey stadium located in the northern United States. The latter sounds more like an ideal situation for Zombie mode don't you think? Gretsky zombies FTW!! I digress, the last map is Ascension for you zombie killin' bunch.

Here's where things get tricky. Personally I'm more of a co-op guy so I played the shit out of zombie mode on World at War, multiplayer not so much. Based on personal experience, within my circle of friends it tends to be competitive or co-operative, it's rarely both. When Treyarch released those map packs I essentially was paying $10 for a new zombie mode map and had no qualms whatsoever, again: the shit, out of. Now I'd be paying $15. Ascension may be one amazing zombie mode map however, I'm not falling for that one again Activision! For the sake of avoiding one massive rant we'll leave the whole Activision-destroyed-Infinity-Ward discussion out of this, but know that it played a huge role in my personal decision to avoid the MW2 DLC. It's no secret that Activision charges a premium price for their DLC since the masses don't vote with their wallet they vote mindlessly by following the herd. Hey little sheep, I feel the Call of Duty subscription model is coming your way sooner than later. Everyone has their own opinion on value as everyone values their opinion. Damn that's deep.

There's a reason Activision gobbled up Blizzard. Do you know just how much they make from WoW subcriptions? I can just see Bobby Kotick with his rolled up sleeves, flame-lit globe in hand, laughing maniacally. Oh yeah, so February 1st y'all.