I'm not gonna lie. I've only played with a Nook Color for about 15 minutes but those 15 minutes that I spent fighting with UI more than actually using it were enough for me. Sure it runs Android and I'm all for it, however lately it seems like Android is the new Windows of mobile devices. Got a new shiny tablet with quadruple core specs and enough ram to drain a scabby prostitute dry? Fuck it, slap some Android on that bitch. Forget about whether the UI's been streamlined this thing will run on anything, slap it on.

A friend of mine recently asked if she should pick up a Nook Color. I asked if all she planned to do on it was read, then sure, go for it. She replied and said that she'd heard it could play music and video and such so I asked, why not get an iPad. Now this is where most people say an iPad is too expensive. My response to that is a resounding you get what you pay for. Take heed people. User Interface is the sum of the device and it's software not the difference. If the user interface is not integral, then none of it matters, even if it can burn Blu-Rays and destroy Skynet.

That is why Apple is at the forefront of UI design. They design the software with hardware in mind. Both go hand in hand leading to phenomenal battery efficiency and overall system stability. It's why they decided to forgo what most would have expected in a touch interface for the desktop. It simply does not make sense throw one technology on top of another for the sake of doing so.