I've got plenty to read in the coming days. I need to catch up on it and quick. I'm massively disappointed I haven't even touched the last 8 issues of EGMi. It's rare that I don't see something through to the end but I've been doing that a lot lately. A lot. I'll chalk it up to not wanting to see then end of something I enjoy but deep down I know that's just a cop-out. The anticipation of wondering what comes next always, always, always, makes things even more exciting. I'm lazy and I'm in denial. I need to hit the road. I need to write music. I need to be creative. I'm not being pushed. I don't feel pressure. I'm complacent, passive and disgusted. El Paso does that to it's people. Not me. Not the El Paso I knew and loved. I'm in denial. MOVE.