The ability to break apart, dissect and extend any type of discussion about a game like Guitar Hero beyond 2 minutes is one miraculous feat and that’s exactly what they guys of Weekend Confirmed just did in episode 28. There's a reason it's THE gaming podcast it's also the reason why I never miss an episode. While I'm at it I'll bring up how this episode also happens to feature one of my songs “Proximity is Your Campaign.”

I’ve followed Garnett Lee’s podcasting since the early days at Ziff and countless restructuring in lineups. It's a lot like a band with each new revolving chair the chemistry takes a hit. Like many others, I’m also one who miss the original chemistry shared between Shane Bettenhausen, Luke Smith and John Davison, but that was the past and Weekend Confirmed is the present. Garnett never skips a beat even when special guesting the guys at 8-4 Play, another great podcast featuring former 1UP/GameVideos editor Mark MacDonald which focuses primarily on news coming from Japan. It's just as informative, wacky and entertaining as Garnett and the crew.

This post is simply to express my admiration for the great, entertaining minds over at 1up, ShackNews and of course Jeff Cannata, also of the Totally Rad Show. I find it extremely exciting to have something I created be featured on a podcast I truly respect and admire. Jeff's "Very true" response to the album title sent chills down my spine. Them there my fucking boys yo!!!

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