Four weeks, 200+ hours, and a coffee cup the size of Jurassic Park 3 later, I've finally finished this project at work that's kept me away from this little place I call home. I wasn't even sure I was gonna have the opportunity to share this with anybody but fortunately I am. I've made videos in the past ofcourse, however this one is special in that it's the first one I'm actually 99% proud of as opposed to the usual 10-15%. No artiste is ever 100% proud of anything they create, if they are it's bullocks. In the past I've used programs like Sonic Foundry's Vegas for cutting video, Pinnacle Systems' horrendous Dazzle bullshit, and experimented with Adobe's After Effects, which I used to create the intro to all the previous Ask An Enemy TV episodes. That's all changed since I've found refuge in Apple's Final Cut Studio, Logic Studio and ofcourse Mac OSX. I pushed this little beast to it's limits, keyframing the fuck out of every animation you see and solidifying my decision to stick to this side of the computing world for the time being. Stability, plain and simple. To avoid what would sound like fanboyism to anyone who doesn't know shit I'll leave it at that.

My productivity went through the roof and this was all done on a 13 inch MacBook Pro running your average 2.26 Intel Core 2 Duo with 4GB of DDR3 RAM with a choking point of 1066mhz and I say choking point lightly, very lightly. She made me so proud I recently rewarded her with an upgrade to 8GB of RAM, which to Juan Valdez at UTEP searching for Il Canto on Google Maps and a place to shine his pointy ass boots and belt buckle is complete and utter overkill, yet for someone like me it's what the word fan-fucking-tastical was created for. Yeah suck it. All sequences were shot with Flip Mino HD pocket camcorders which have great image quality. Watch the video above in HD for the full effect. The Flip Mino HD's Achilles heel though is that is has absolutely no image stabilization. So if you're anything like me and can't hold a camera steady for shit, good luck.

My lady, Kel, seems to really enjoy the song I used for the El Paso sequence that I'm actually debating putting it up as a single on iTunes. I don't think she know's there are people like Paco De Lucia, or what most refer to as really good musicians out there that would put this song to shame but I also said "pos fuck it" as most El Pasoans do.

Enjoy the video and please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section, after all, Ask An Enemy....sounds appropriate.