I saw this video for MGMT's "Kids" for the first time in my life about a month ago with my lady Kel. I recognized the song but had no idea who the fuck it was since I don't listen to crap on a regular basis. Although I do respect a damn good catchy tune. Kel's first impression was, in a screachy old woman voice "Who the hell would scare the shit out of a kid like that" end screachy voice. Now, Kel hasn't been in films like I have, nor has she worked with the great Ritchie Valens like I have so for someone as gullible as her I can see how this would be a concern. So I sat her down and explained the ins and outs of the biz and how video's are shot to make certain scenes look believable, except for Twister, that Bill Paxton's got some balls man. She remained convinced that the band was going to hell since she's all godly and shit. After telling her I'd do the same with our kids to get them used to beasts of the night she proceeded to preach the good word, Jesus this, Jesus that, so I flipped her the bird.

A month later I find myself looking up the video to watch in it's entirety and make some sense of it. Well, sort of, see I've always been one to think that music need not be explained lest the meaning be taken from the listener. Ye just got Twained! Once someone listens to a song the meaning becomes there own and if the artist explains it to you you've not only missed point but you might even feel betrayed, or not. Sharing thoughts with one another though is cool so for the sake of Ask An Enemy, pos fuck it no?

The Mark Twain quote really puts the rest of the song into perspective. It's easy to take this video at face value but where's the fun in that. Without over analyzing things too much let's keep it simple shall we? The lyrics and the video demonstrate two aspects of Twain's quote. The lyrics describe how fighting monsters and opening yourself up to that circle of events ultimately leads to becoming one yourself, while the video steers more towards avoiding them entirely to keep innocence unscathed ultimately appearing weak and vulnerable as the final scene implies. The kicker here is how the weak prey on the vulnerable. Think about it. You're interpretation may vary but I'm sure you get the idea if not well fuck it or fuck her. With a chorus like "Control yourself, take only what you need from it," it's the type of fragmented lyric, or thought, that I love as it can be read in so many ways. Take the verse for example and how the child was "too loud", or opinionated, from the beginning that's essentially who he is. It's not so much the child more so how childish people can actually be. "A family of trees wanting to be haunted" is probably my favorite line of the whole song as it cements the verse demonstrating how some people simply ask for it and consequence serves them no reprimand. No lesson will ever be learned. To them there is no right or wrong.

Back to Kel's point though, I honestly have nothing against scaring the kid shitless it's not like he'll remember most of it anyway. In the comments one guy point's out that the making of video explains how they actually took shots of the kid only as he cried about other things. I'm so sure Maniac Cophad nothing to do with it. I'd look it up but I'd rather look up this. Besides it's not something I care to know. I'm happy with what I got from the video. Kel on the other hand will for sure. She can't let things like that or the bible go. I'm just messing she's not preaching the good word but she is white.