You've all seen those surprisingly humorous ads Sony's been pushing lately with VP of whatever-makes-his-shit-float-that-day Kevin Butler right? Well it sure as hell beats the Cell Processors out of those ads of old with the crying baby explosions and what not. Ken Kutaragi lead Sony back then with a steel fist and a peg for a leg. Motherfucker even told people to get another job so they could pay for their PS3s. Well things have gotten slightly better ever since Sony execs finally grew some big shinny ones and made Kutaragi walk the plank. Hey, if you want a lion for pet that's great and all but he's gonna get tired of them mash potatoes soon so, look, the fuck, out.

Anyway back to my man KB, he's actually been so well received that over at the Playstation Blog Share there's a thread going on to get him to present this years E3 spiel. I suspect the kids over at NeoGaf are behind this since I mean who else would comment with "Yes! He should somehow be integrated into the XMB!" HAHA!! Oh those fucking kidders. Don't get me wrong I have nothing against Jack Tretton but, THIS. SONY. DO IT.