It's about that time for another AAE TV segment where I look like some fucking wetbacked mongoloid looking mothafucker with a crooked jaw.  I currently have "Proximity is Your Campaign" up on the developers site goin through a playtest, without vocals.  I finally finished them up this week and now the only thing left is the animations and events midi file and we are golden.  Peer Review here we come.  Peer Review is the final step in the process where one must get at least 8 peers, XNA developers not the public :(, to review their song and then it officially hits the Rock Band Store for sale.  It's taken me a little under a month to get this song done but the next one should be way easier thanks to learning from my own mistakes.  Sure Harmonix offers tutorials and something they consider to be instructions but whoever they have writing them could shit in canteen with beef jerky for a spouse and I'd still be more amazed by that mess on their site.

Rock. <lml