Noel Gallagher - Wonderwall - Sorry YouTube doesn't allow embedding of this matierial so you'll have to hit the link to watch the vid.

I'm sure many of you know this song. I'm almost sure many of you don't know the song was written by one Noel Gallagher yet sung and for the most part performed by his brother Liam or Oasis as a whole. This version, sung and performed by the song writer, has no post production values, no proper song architecture. It demonstrates what a true artist is and does. Once the labels take hold of it they over emphasize parts, they put layer on top of layer of nonsense.

This version may throw you off at first, but give it a chance and you'll see that all it's mainstream-ness, all of it's "pop" feel is gone and what you get is the songwriters true intention. I can't see any reason why anyone would or could go back to it's perfectly symmetric and heavily produced sibling.

And here's another simply for good measure.

Talk Tonight

I'm tired but thought I'd post this before hitting the hay. HEYYYYYYYY!!!