On the latest episode of Major Nelson's podcast, special guest Robert Bowling of Infinity Ward stopped by to drop some details about the Stimulus Map Pack that hit's Xbox Live on March 30th. Just like they announced at last years E3, Uncle Moneybags Microsoft got the exclusive DLC. As of now PS3 and PC are TBA. A total of 5 maps including 2 up-rezed maps from Modern Warfare 1 await itchy trigger fingers. The latter of which are Crash and Overgrown. The three new maps are Bailout, Salvage and Storm. Storm, as the name implies, takes advantage of the engine's ability to render some slick weather effects, filled with abandoned wharehouses that make big team games a natural fit. Bailout was described as an over run apartment complex with plenty of courtyards and narrow hall ways perfect for close quarter combat yet also big enough for team games and small enough for free-for-all. Speaking of free-for-all Salvage seems to be this map pack's Killhouse. You remember, the one map from Modern Warfare's Variety Map pack that never made it into matchmaking, unless ofcourse you played plenty of free-for-all.

With over 25 million served, the Stimulus package is sure to please, but the asking price for what essentially is three new maps one of which most gamers will rarely see, is a bit much. How does 1200 MS Points, or 15 motha-fucking real world dollars sound to you? Yeah, thanks for spittin' your coffee in my face. No wonder that shit went down at the IW offices last week. Activision's firm grip around Infinity Ward's neck doesn't seem to be loosening up. Ever since they forced Infinity Ward to add Call of Duty to the title to avoid "confusion" among the Walmart folk, things have gotten a little tense. Had I been oblivious, as I'm sure many will be and are, to these little nerdling details I'd impatiently have my Xbox ready and waiting for a day one purchase counting down the minutes while doing the dance of joy. However, thanks to the games popularity among my friends list and more importantly how it's the only game my girlfriend will play, Uno doesn't count, I must shamefully admit still will only sans the dancing. This isn't Kent State by any means but that gold plated diamond encrusted cane in Activision's hand does make me taste the vomit in my mouth. Just a little bit.