This is by no means my deep analysis of either of these titles, I simply haven't written about anything gaming related in awhile so I thought I'd post up some quick thoughts.

We're only two months into the year and already we've got two if not three AAA titles out ready for mass consumption and I have yet to pick any of them up. Truth be told, I never thought I'd find myself saying this but I simply don't and or won't have the time to do so. Thanks to the recent release of Rockband's Creators Network I've been putting some hours into a much needed creative space. I'll elaborate on that one in a future post but for the time being let's focus on the post at hand.

Let's Bioshock 2 shall we? The first 15 minutes didn't grab me as much as my first dive into Rapture did, it may have been due to the fact that I was pressed for time. I only had about an hour to play both Mass Effect 2 and Bioshock 2 but the most logical explanation is that Ken Levine had nothing to do with Bioshock 2. Something about the intro felt a bit to forced to me. Avoiding spoilers lets just say it starts off with a bang. I'm still not entirely sure we needed a sequel to Bioshock and Ken Levine thought the same but from a business standpoint, Take Two obviously thought differently and leaving money on the table is never an option to them. After all the sequel will sell on name alone. One thing I noticed that's a definite plus in the sequel is the ability to use plasmids and weapons simultaneously, one two combo FTW!

When Rapture failed to impress within the first 15 minutes I decided it was time to throw in some Mass Effect 2. Where Bioshock 2 was a sequel based on its predecessors sucess, Bioware had Mass Effect 2 in the books and planned as a trilogy from the beginning. It definitely shows as I spent upwards of 45 minutes into the game and only stopped because I had to wake up the next morning to earn a paycheck. As someone who only played about an hour of the first game and never thought of going back to it I think its safe to say Bioware did their homework. The weapons now have individualilty and they connect with where you aim. They've finally been given a more visceral effect. It's gotta mean something that I'm eagerly looking forward to some more Mass Effect 2 when I wouldn't even think twice about going back to the first.

Who knows when I'll have the time though. Working on tracks for Rockband is a very time consuming process, but well worth it.