No Flash! No GPS! No Camera! No HDMI!?!?  Yeah, I'm sure the millions of netbook users running whatever version of Windows that was shit packed into their device are loving every minute of that overheating, sluggish mess.  All while allowing GeekSquad to stay fully staffed.  Apple elitists may not have taken kindly to the announcement of the iPad but truth be told, the iPad, while obviously still in it's infancy, is Apple doing what it does best, making one beautiful piece of gadgetry that's brilliantly designed and fun to use.

"Apple doesn't allow Flash on the device!"  A fault in web design folks, not the device.  HTML5 will soon become the standard and if YouTube's recent beta is anything to go by it's only a matter of time.  I'd find myself questioning the value of the site I'm visiting and whether or not it's worth having my  browser crash and fans bust into overdrive.

No HDMI! Seriously!? on a fucking Netbook.  Fuck you.  Cramming components into a device that can't handle them efficiently only to use as bullet points on the box doesn't make for a good device.  The problem with Netbooks, if it's not already blatantly obvious, is that they're made with cheap components that are packed into horribly ventilated plastic shells with an OS that isn't designed with any of them in mind.  People fail to realize the reason Apple devices and even Google's Nexus One, albeit less so, are designed for the hardware they are loaded onto.  You still get video out from the device, as you do on an iPod Touch and iPhone it's just not done with an HDMI cable.

It's also common practice for Apple to release updated versions almost immediately after a product ships.  So I don't see any reason why a camera or GPS wouldn't make it into future releases.  Heck it's already been spotted in the SDK.

It may surprise you but the first person I thought of getting an iPad for wasn't myself, it was for my Dad.  There's no chance of installing unnecessary bloatware, no need for spyware, installing drivers for printers, even fumbling with menus to connect to the internet via 3G USB network cards.  My Dad's a trucker and carries a Compaq Laptop with him running Windows Vista that he uses for nothing other than Google Maps, MSN Messenger, Skype, and ofcourse movies and music.  The iPad does that and does it exceptionally well. Thanks in part to his lack of experience with computers, The Compaq makes navigating within Windows a nightmare, while the iPad would make it a breeze to bring up a map, use it and just put it away.  

Multitasking on a Smartphone kills battery life.  Period.  How do you fix that.  Well you design your OS around it just like Apple did with the iPhone.  Sure apps don't run in the background but they save your progress, location, status,  etc, allowing you to switch between them and continue to work productively while remaining responsive and most importantly stable.  You don't need twenty apps running in the background on a Smartphone or an iPad.  If you do, as I said before, reevaluate your workflow and understand this device, let alone a pathetic fucking Netbook, is not for you.  Look at what the device can do, not what it can't and take it from there. 

While the price range for these products is unexpected, and welcomed, of an Apple product line it's easy to see a relation to the PC to Mac price difference.  If you compare the iPad to even the most expensive Netbook, the iPad is still more expensive but the design is by far more superior.  It basically comes down to asking yourself, when you're in the market for a mobile device, be it a netbook or laptop, if what you need the device for fits it's capability, I can almost guarantee the iPad will still edge it out.  Hands down.  Unless you're a cheap fucking bastard, or you had kids when you shouldn't have.  If that's the case, use your income tax on one, you know, instead of buying diapers, then apply for welfare.  Suck it.